General Info:
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is LA's primary commuter airport, serving as a hub for both domestic and international flights.
  • LAX is located in the heart of the Mallers' territory. The Refueling Station is just west of LAX, the Mall is due north, and Eastern Bay is due south.
  • Kalani flew into LAX from Hawaii and landed hard. He and his passengers were barely able to escape the runway.
  • Saul and Burt discover a Jolly Green Giant helicopter shot up but still operable after being serviced by Datu.
  • LAX appears to be a part of the evacuation system in California when the outbreak occurred.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 21 - Saul and Burt head to LAX to look for a helicopter. They find a Jolly Green Giant there, but it there is a lot of blood and body parts inside and on the tarmac nearby it, and it has bullet holes in it.
  • Chapter 22 - Burt is working on a remote explosive device whilst waiting for Datu and Kalani to show up. When they arrive they get to work on fixing the chopper up and cleaning the interior. Pegs and Victor arrive at LAX and Kalani starts teaching Pegs how to fly it. Burt and Victor get to work cleaning out the back, whilst Datu works on fixing the damage. Saul claims to be going for cleaning supplies, but drives off to go look for Lizzy.
  • Chapter 23 - Burt and Kalani leave LAX to go to the hospital, leaving Pegs, Datu and Victor with the chopper.
  • Chapter 24 - After dropping off Angel at the tower, Kalani, Burt and Riley returned to LAX. Saul returned to LAX, and Michael arrived to shout at Saul. Michael, Saul, Burt, Riley and Victor head off to the golf course, leaving Datu behind, with Kalani and Pegs having some flying training in the Bell helicopter.

Notable Info:
  • While waiting for Pegs and Victor to arrive, Burt says it takes from 60-75 minutes to get to LAX from the Tower.


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