The Mallers

The Mallers are a faction of survivors mainly composed by former inmates of Eastern Bay Prison.

Their leader, Durai, controls the strip mall by Eastern Bay. His second-hand girl, Scratch, controls a smaller faction of people. The Mallers burned the zombie lair whilst on their trip to the Colony.


The Mallers first broke out of Eastern Bay Prison when the attack of zombies first began, with the help of Durai. Soon they found a strip mall and fortified it, making sure nothing violent got in.
Then in Chapter 6 the Mallers find some Tower residents. Saul Tink among them, follows the two Mallers back home. He is spotted and makes a run for it. Latch and Scratch follow Saul back to the Tower, where he explains his situation. The Mallers head home and make a plan as to how to disable the Tower.
After the recon group return from the zombie lair, shortly after the pair of Mallers show up. They are trying to figure out how many people are in the Tower. Little do the Tower residents know is that Kalani is forced to make regular contact with the Mallers. He betrays them and strikes the first Tower war.

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