The Colony

The ColonyThe Colony

Information about the Colony:

General Info: Surrounded by multiple layers of security, the Colony is an authoritarian collective of a few hundred inhabitants. Although well-protected from zombies, the Colony's strict rules and harsh living conditions make life difficult for the inhabitants. Located near Westminster Boulevard and Beach Avenue (according to The Map).

Struggle beginnings: the colony began as an evacuation zone. When people were being air lifted to safety, the others who had to wait for the next trips started having to fight while some fortified the area around them. Eventually the helicopters stopped coming and by then the surviving people became citizens of the outpost called "the colony" created by the struggle of having to fight and defend at the same time.

Appears in:
Chapter 18 - No Place Like Home
Chapter 19 - The Catalyst

Chapter 32 - Captive Hearts
Chapter 34 - It Only Takes One
Chapter 35 - The End is Near
Chapter 36 - Scorched Earth

Chapter 37 - Balance of Power


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