Michael Cross
Full NameMichael Cross
NicknameBroken Wing
Portrayed byJim Gleason
First appearanceChapter 1 - It Begins
Final appearanceRecurring
RankSergeant (SGT)/E-5
Former OccupationMilitary Intelligence
ResidenceThe Tower
Special TalentsIntel Gathering, Leadership
Romantic PartnersPegs


  • Full Name: Michael Cross
  • Former Occupation: Military Intelligence
  • Special Talents: Intel Gathering, Leadership, Making Homemade Chloroform
  • Age: 27 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 1 - It Begins, introduces you to the story.
  • Current Status: Alive


  • Entered Military after events of 9/11
  • Began first tour of duty as a "hard charge" (meaning enthusiastic) Private First Class
  • Ended third tour of duty as a "tired and depressed" Sargent
  • Background: Combat experience in Iraq, went into Army for College.
  • Parents Died on his 3rd Tour to Iraq. Did not return home for the funeral.
  • Michaels M.O.S. was 35 Foxtrot, Intelligence Analyst (chapter #29-1 at 5:48)


  • A natural and respectable leader.
  • Sharp, quick-thinking, and easily picks up on things.
  • Became detached from other people after losing his parents while serving in Iraq.
  • Is sometimes viewed by others as insensitive and uncaring because he hides his emotions.
  • Has a difficult time expressing his feelings for others.
  • Current love interest of Pegs.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Prominent Main Character in the series and leader of the Tower.
  • Breaks Arm in between Chapter 9 and 10, where Randy was turned
  • Narrates Chapter 1, 2
  • Relinquished leadership to Burt in Chapter 14 after losing Tower residents in the War.
  • Regained leadership from Burt after coming back from the colony
  • Returned to The Colony, along with the remains of Fort Irwin
  • Leads the soldiers in an attempt to find the zombies nest, and the whereabouts of Ink


"I didn't fear death or what might be there if today was my last day. But that was then and this is now." - Michael in 1 - It Begins
"Shoot that bitch in the face!" - Michael in 3 - The New Arrivals
"Somebody here sold us out, I know it..." - Michael just before the confrontation with the Mallers in 12 - The War
"Hit him again!" - Michael after Angel punches Burt in 13 - Separate Dying Embers
"Because all the passive ones are dead. " - Michael in response to Pegs asking why everyone they meet are aggresive assholes. 17 - There Might Be Others
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