Refueling Station

General Info: A Gasoline Supply Depot located within the Mallers Territory.
  • Has multiple fuel trucks.
  • Contains pumps to fill tanker trucks with both Diesel and Unleaded Gasoline.
  • Trucks contained at the station are of great importance to the leader of the Mallers, Durai. He intended to use the Tankers to destroy the Arena with the Zombies still inside, though this plan ended up not working.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 5 - Lizzy, Saul, and Burt fill up and take a Tanker full of diesel fuel for their generator and hummer. When leaving, Saul returns to their hybrid to try and save Lady, but is trapped in the car by zombies, and Burt and Lizzy are forced to leave him. They return to find him and Lady alive after Saul broke a bottle of whiskey.
  • Chapter 16- Angel and Kalani return Latch's body to the Mallers, leaving it in a trunk at the Station, nearby to the broken hybrid.


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