A large military grade SUV also known as a Humvee used by the survivors.
"The Hummer""The Hummer"

Appears in:
  • Chapter 1 - Used to escape the Army Reserve Center in Bell, CA and in the rescue of Pegs and Riley from Wayside Flowers.
  • Chapter 10 - Used in the rescue of Angel, Datu, Riley and Kalani from the Arena.
  • Chapter 12 - Put next to the parking garage gate to stop the Mallers from breaking through it during the war.
  • Chapter 20 - Saul and Burt take the Hummer to look for Lizzy. It is left at LAX during the events of chapters 21, 22 and 23.
  • Chapter 24 - Michael, Saul, Riley, Burt and Victor take it to attempt to rescue Lizzy at the golf course. When that turns out to be a decoy, Victor and Saul drop off the others and take it to the tower. It is hit by a stray RPG and flipped.

Saul modified it to have a makeshift turret hatch.

General Info:
  • Military Nomenclature - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)
  • Weight - 5200 lbs. (2340 kg) (unloaded)
  • Length - 15 ft. (4.6 m)
  • Width - 7.08 ft. (2.1 m)
  • Height - 6 ft. (1.8 m)
  • Engine - V8 6.5 L Diesel Injected
  • Fuel Capacity - 25 gal. (95 L)


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