General Info: The Mall, which used to be the home base for the Mallers, is an outdoor strip mall fortified by the remaining prisoners of Eastern Bay as well as their slave labor pool.
  • Has two towers that overlooks the parking lot.
  • In the center of a commercial area.
  • In close proximity to LAX, Eastern Bay, and the Refueling Station.
  • Has since been abandoned by the Mallers as they have presumably moved south following their coordinated assault on the Arena.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 6 - Saul follows Latch and Scratch back to where they came from.
  • Chapter 20 - As a group from the Tower plans to assault the Mallers and get Lizzy back.
  • Chapter 21 - After attempting to attack the mall, the residents of the tower find that the mallers had left. Burt and Saul search the mall, but find nothing useful or any indication as to where they might have gone.

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