General Info: A full 18 hole golf course located near Saul's house.
Aerial view of Alondra Golf Course in Gardena, CA. Note Prarie Ave along the left boundary.
  • The location chosen by Scratch to exchange Lizzy for Pegs. In reality, this was a trap set by Scratch.
  • The Golf Course was described by Scratch as being in Gardena, off Prarie. In real life this corresponds with the Alondra Golf Course.
  • Saul had played there many times and knew the general layout of the course and the hole chosen by Scratch for the "prisoner" exchange.
  • Contains many sand traps near the 18th green
  • 18th green is also surrounded by trees, which the Mallers used to hide in for sniper positions.

[top]The Trap

Following the final negotiations between Saul and Scratch, she set up the exchange at the golf course 5 hours later. The Tower (Burt, Saul, Michael, Victor and Riley) arrived early to try to scope the location out only to discover a group of Mallers already present. A girl who looked like Lizzy was on her knees with a bag over her head and a gun pointed at her. Before Saul could get very far with the Tower's ruse of an exchange (substituting Riley for Pegs), the Mallers shot the girl believed to be Lizzy. The Tower crew dispatched the Mallers quickly and soon discovered they were tricked by Scratch as the girl who was shot was not Lizzy, but a red head girl instead.
Appears in:
  • Chapter 24


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