"Our Doubts are Traitors"
Chapter 22
Chapter Number22
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date5/23/11
Part 2 Air Date5/30/11
Part 3 Air Date6/6/11
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Burt, Datu, Hope, Jakob, Kalani, Kelly, Lizzy, Pegs, Pippin, Riley, Saul, Steven, Tanya, Victor


[top]Part 1

Michael comes upon Victor and Steven arguing over who is going to take over guard duty. Because Pippin is handcuffed in the guard room, Steven doesn't want to do the job. Michael says everyone has to do guard duty and that he did it the previous night without hearing a word from Pippin. Steven asks if he is the only one with "sense around here" mentioning the Mallers disappear, suddenly Pippin appeared at their doorstep, and mocks Michael's willingness to let Pippin stay. Michael says they have no reason to suspect Pippin is a Maller but they are keeping an eye on him just in case. Michael eventually gives in and asks Victor if there's anyone else available for guard duty. Victor is disappointed that Michael is caving in to Steven's demands, but Michael says he doesn't trust Steven to watch Pippin. Steven gets reassigned to relieve Datu who is clearing off the roof in preparation of the helicopter landing if any of the field teams can find one that's operable. Steven leaves, and Victor says if Michael keeps letting people off of guard duty (like Pegs earlier), there will be no one left to do it. Michael says he didn't want Pegs alone with Pippin. Victor says Michael needs to make a decision about if he trusts Pippin soon and if it were up to him, he would wait until Pippin heals and then kick him out. Both Victor and Michael agree that Pippin is quiet (Victor even saying he prefers Pippin to some of the other Tower residents), but Michael says that's what he doesn't like about him. As they leave, Michael says to Victor to lay off the cologne. Victor says if they get attacked, it just might buy him a few extra seconds.

Michael enters the guard room and hears Pippin and Kelly having a pleasant conversation about some fine dining restaurant in England. Pippin gives it his personal recommendation providing there isn't an outbreak over there. Michael asks if Kelly and Pippin are getting familiar, and Pippin says Kelly was more receptive to talking than some of his other guards have been. Pippin becomes hesitant and offers to stop talking, but Michael says its fine. Kelly asks if Michael is coming back on guard duty, but he says he's not and they are looking for a replacement. Pippin once again compliments Kelly's kindness as his "sitter" and hopes his next one will be just as kind and talkative. Victor says Kelly should have been keeping a watch out on the monitors instead of "gabbing it up" with Pippin, but she says she had an eye and ear on the monitors the whole time. Datu has rigged audio into the security room so Hope can assist on guard duty now as well. Victor thinks that's excessive, but Michael disagrees saying everyone needs a purpose. Pippin interrupts them asking if he can be of any assistance and wants to help out in any way that he can as he's noticed increase of activity around the Tower. Michael says he'll think about it and asks what Pippin did before the outbreak and Pippin claims he was a salesman.

Angel and Hope arrive soon after to relieve Kelly from guard duty. Michael asks where Datu was, and Angel gives him a cryptic answer about being downstairs preparing tools for the "you know" to hide from Pippin what the Tower's plan is and that Datu asked Angel to keep an eye on Hope. Pippin asks politely "Who might you be?" to Hope, who answers her name before Angel cuts her off and says there's no need to talk to Pippin and being on guard duty is a serious job. Pippin laments that Angel is going to be "one of those sort" and Michael snaps at him that it's Angel's choice and Pippin should just read his books. Blue Jay and Robin (Jakob and James) check in on the radio saying they are going to investigate a new area and Angel confirms with them telling Michael they don't do much around the Tower so he sent them out to search for another thing. Michael leaves.

The story shifts to the LAX where Burt and Saul have spent the night inside a plane and said they are waiting for Kalani and Datu to arrive to patch up the shot up helicopter they found. To cure his boredom, Burt is working on a new pet project and Saul, when he's not napping, is pacing around kicking rocks. Saul wants to go somewhere else and do something, like go to the duty shop near by or investigate the explosion but Burt says the explosion was too far away for them to investigate. They were told to stay and watch the chopper. Saul wonders why Michael won't let them go do anything else, and Burt says it's probably because he's afraid Saul was going to wander off and not come back or do something rash. Saul says he should be worried. Burt tells Saul to play with his gameboy thing to occupy his time, and Saul laughs at Burt for being so far behind the times and also says the batteries ran out so he can't.

Saul suggests maybe he can help Burt with his project, but Burt tells him no but quickly changes his mind when he can't strip the insulation off the wires he's working with. Saul wonders if Burt is rigging C-4 and Burt says nothing like that yet. Saul is concerned that Burt is going to blow them up, but Burt says he detached whatever it is from the system so it should be safe. Saul successfully strips the wire and attaches it to the battery. Burt wants to demonstrate what he's made so he places the device a ways away from he and Saul and they duck behind a corner. Burt sets off the device (which turns out to be just a blasting cap) and Saul gets angry because it made too much noise, but Burt is thrilled that his device worked and that the walkie talkie attached to the blasting cap was still usable. They wait to see if anything will hear the blast, but Burt says they don't come around much anymore. Not since the fire. Saul asks Burt if he finds that odd, and Burt does but can't do anything about it. Soon after, a zombie does show up. Burt asks Saul for the silenced pistol but its not in the bag. Burt tries to take the zombie out but outright misses it twice, and the third shot only gets it in the leg. Saul dispatches the now disabled zombie.

Saul asks Burt what is wrong with him. Burt says nothing, but Saul's medical training kicks in and he asks to see Burt's hands. Burt is now fumbling with a pill bottle, and Saul wonders if he got those from Tanya. Burt says he had them from before everything happened, and he's had them since his wife, Shirley, died. Burt admits he used to be a competitive shooter but when Shirley died, his hands started to shake. Burt admits the shakes went away right around the time Angel and Saul found him in the bathroom of his gun shop. Burt says the shakes started again right before he shot Tommy (and hence Saul). Saul once again reminds Burt he doesn't hold him responsible for shooting him and that if it wasn't for Burt shooting him, Tanya would still be in the Colony. Just then, Kalani (with Datu) radios to Burt and Saul telling them they are on their way and to check in with the Tower. Burt tries to raise the Tower but there's no answer. Kalani offers to turn around and check out why the Tower isn't responding, but Burt tells them to keep coming, saying they might be experiencing some simple power issues.

Back in the Guard Room of the Tower, Angel is instructing Hope on how to operate her guard room audio system. He tells her to listen for anything peculiar (like engines or gunshots). Pippin again offers to help saying he could assist whomever is on guard duty at the time. Angel says they have it covered, and Pippen says he's waiting for the moment that the Tower realizes he's not against them. An alarm is heard and Angel stops trying to figure out where the alarm would be coming from and realizes its from the Armory and runs out of the room to investigate leaving Hope alone with Pippin. Hope calls out for Angel, but Pippin says he's gone and not to worry because he'll be back in a minute. The door slowly opens again and Pippin says "Its you," before he is shot three times with a suppressed weapon. Hope, terrified, calls out for Pippin, and there is a fourth shot and the sound of footsteps running away.

[top]Part 2

The end of part 1 is retold through Michael's perspective. He is up talking with Tanya who is scanning all the resident's journals onto a hard drive so there is less to carry on the helicopters. Kalani enters the room and says he and Datu are about to head out to LAX. Kalani mentions that the roof isn't clear yet and that people are working on securing a zip line to an adjacent building for the second helicopter. He also says they are greasing up the line so nothing can try to crawl across it. Kalani leaves as Tanya continues to scan. As she's scanning, she's also reading and is learning some valuable information saying there are so many different types of zombies that the Tower has encountered vs. the Colony. She is especially interested in the sweat bottle experiments conducted by Lizzy saying the zombies acted more like animals than humans and maybe she would be able to understand something that would have been missed by someone else. Michael is more concerned with people knocking down their door than zombies, which they haven't seen in a while. Tanya asks if that seems strange to Michael. Michael's only concern is to put 150 miles between the zombies and the Tower. Tanya wants permission from Michael to brainstorm more ideas for more experiments for when they arrive at their new location. Michael says go ahead and plan them, but don't take any action yet. That's when Michael hears the alarm for the armory.

Michael meets Angel and they run to the armory which they find still locked up. Michael unlocks the door using the keypad and check to see if anything was taken. Michael makes Angel rip the speaker out of the wall because the only way to turn off the alarm is in the guard room. The both think the alarm must be broken, when Michael asks who's with Hope downstairs. Angel and Michael rush back to the guard room passing a confused Riley in the stairwell. When they arrive in the guard room, they discover Pippin murdered and Hope terrified. Michael wonders why the didn't hear the gunshot, and Angel says there was the alarm going off and he couldn't hear anything. Angel viciously asks Hope who did this and she must know something, but Michael tells Angel to back off. A frantic Riley enters the room and sees Pippin dead. Angel says the same rat who betrayed the Tower is still there and Michael agrees. Michael asks Riley if she saw anyone pass them in the hallway to which she says no. Angel then discovers that the radio has been shot. Riley says they must have another radio when Kelly enters and asks what happened, and after surveying the scene asks who was on guard. Angel and Kelly get into a screaming match that Michael stops them and orders everyone to the mess room and no one is to wash their hands.

The scene shifts to later in the day with Tanya comforting Hope who is still crying and upset. Angel is heard approaching talking to Michael saying they brought the other radio down from the roof, and explaining that Datu and Kalani were together the entire time so they are each other's alibi for the time of the shooting. Riley has gathered everyone in the mess hall, and Michael wants a head count and an account of where everyone was and what they were doing at the time of the shooting. Michael claims there are only three people who couldn't do it and they are all in the room at that moment (meaning Tanya, Angel and himself). Michael wants Riley to take guard duty since no one is watching right now, telling Angel to hang something to separate the area where Pippin's body is and the monitors. Angel mentions that he thinks Riley isn't exactly sober at the moment, and Michael says he'll deal with her later. Michael asks Angel to smell everyone's hands for gun powder residue when he leaves, to which Angel balks saying the residents haven't bathed in a few days. Michael snaps at him and Angel leaves. Tanya snaps at Michael about only 3 people being in the clear, meaning he thinks Hope could have done it. Michael asks Hope if she can remember anything about what happened which turns out to be not much. The only concrete evidence taken from the interrogation of Hope is Riley wasn't the shooter because she reeked of alcohol and Hope didn't smell anything.

Tanya gave Hope a pill to sedate her and let her rest. Angel discovers the cut in the alarm wire that set off the alarm, claiming who ever cut it could have done so and then hid in another room until Angel left Pippin alone. Angel remarks it was the first time Pippin had been alone since arriving. Michael asks if Angel got everyone's statements, and he said it was easy because so many people are out on missions right now. Michael says they can cross Riley off the list because Hope didn't smell alcohol, but they will still question her. Angel still doesn't know why anyone would want to kill Pippin because he didn't seem dangerous. Michael says they only know what Pippin told them, and who ever killed him wanted it to stay that way.

Michael is now looking over Angel's notes of everyone in the Tower's whereabouts and their alibis. Everyone has one except for Riley, Victor, Lewis and Kelly who were doing individual tasks around the Tower. And Angel didn't smell gunpowder on anyone's hands, but he still isn't sure because of everyone's lack of bathing. Michael lashes out angrily because there are other things to focus on and now Pippin's murder is a distraction from that. Angel calms him down and refocuses him on the task at hand and where do they start. Michael says they could look for the gun, but probably won't find it so they will interview everyone one at a time looking for holes in people's stories (which includes Datu and Kalani) and keep watching in case something turns up. Angel gets angry saying that means everyone will just be wandering free and something like this will just happen again. The Rat still has a gun, and could do more harm. Michael doesn't think so. The wire to the alarm was cut, and who ever killed Pippin was there covering their tracks for a while until someone could come along that could recognize them. Whomever the shooter was didn't want to hurt Angel or Hope so they got Angel out of the room and left Hope alive. Michael reasons who ever killed Pippin is loyal to the Tower now, even if they haven't always been. Angel thinks this is a huge gamble to take, and asks if Michael is willing to risk the safety of the residents believing the killer won't kill again. Michael says its a bigger risk if everyone starts to question each others loyalties and they get attacked. Angel believes this could be the murderer's plan all along saying unless they find hard evidence the Tower is going to fall into a "Red Scare" and no one will trust each other, and has noticed that it's already started to happen.

Michael proposes a plan to place the blame on someone so the Tower residents will think that they caught the killer. Michael believes this bluff (which Angel still calls a lie) may be the way to find the killer. Angel says for this to work, they either have to accuse someone or someone has to agree to take the fall. Angel suggest Victor first, but he doesn't trust him and also says locking Victor up will do no good anyway. Angel says he will keep his eye on Riley to see if she acts strange. Michael says Kelly has worked with criminals and knows the criminal mind. He also reasons she could have some connection to Mallers that they don't know about. Eliminating all other non-alibi possibilities, Lewis is selected to be the patsy for their ruse because he was upstairs on the roof when it happened filling the generator and Angel says he smelled like gasoline. The agree to move forward and inquire of Lewis if he'd be willing to play along.

The scene shifts to LAX as Burt and Saul are playing a card game waiting for Kalani and Datu to arrive. When they finally arrive, Kalani says they found a Jolly Green Giant (type of helicopter). Datu notices the ground covered in blood, and Saul mentions the back of the helicopter is in bad shape too with rotting pieces of flesh strewn about saying they'll have to clean it up. Kalani stops them from worrying about that too much because he's not even sure it can fly yet. Burt shows him the bullet holes in the side and Kalani confirms it was hydraulic fluid and whatever happened to the helicopter happened a while ago. Datu goes to get his tools, but Kalani again stops them from getting too excited saying he has a lot more to inspect before he can deem it ready to fly. Saul asks what exactly happened at the Tower because they weren't able to follow the radio messages. Datu says those messages were meant for he and Kalani primarily (including how they caught someone) and explained to them about Pippin. Burt thinks the whole thing sounds fishy. Kalani refocuses the group on the task at hand and says they can all probe more when they get back. Saul wants to go back, but Datu says Michael wants them to finish the mission they are on first. Burt and Kalani support Michael's decision, and Saul wonders why he says anything at all when no one listens to him. Saul and Burt offer their help to inspect the helicopter, but Kalani says no because he wouldn't be able to trust their judgement. Kalani's visual inspection seems to indicate that the helicopter might be able to fly, but there's still a whole lot of things that need to be checked before he can give it the OK.

Datu wonders how to get in the helicopter and Saul points him to the ramp down in the back. Kalani goes in first and notes how badly the interior smells. Burt asks Kalani if this would be the only chopper they'd need because it's big enough inside to hold all the Tower residents. Kalani ignores the question, and mentions how the interior will need to be cleaned. Burt persists, and Kalani says he can fly this one alone but they will still need two choppers to successfully transport people and supplies. If this is the only one they can find, they'll have to make it work. However the more room they have the better off they are. Burt again wonders who the second pilot might be, and Kalani says he found someone who's father was a pilot and she went up with him a bunch of times. Kalani and Saul badger Kalani to reveal the identity and he finally does: Pegs. Kalani says to call the Tower and get her out to LAX so he can train her as they are prepping the helicopter for flight.

[top]Part 3

Victor and Pegs are traveling to LAX but Victor has never been to LA so doesn't know his way around, and Pegs only knows how to navigate by the freeway. Pegs is trying to direct Victor via a map, but the combination of trying to read the map and Victor's driving is giving her a headache. Victor laughs that Pegs can't find her way to LAX and she says she could have come here on her own. Victor laughs again saying there's no way in the world Michael would let her travel out here alone. Pegs requests that Victor drive more carefully and slowly so she won't feel so sick while reading the map. Victor suggests she eat an MRE cracker to try to settle her stomach. She agrees and eats one, but it doesn't work and she almost immediately feels worse. Pegs asks Victor to pull over. Pegs hops out of the car and vomits. Victor comes out and says they can stay there a few minutes to catch their breath and allow Pegs to recover. As he looks at the map he begins to cough and realizes that they are way off course and recognizes where they should be. He asks Pegs if she's feeling better yet, and she says no. Victor tries to make small talk and asks about Pegs and Michael, but the conversation comes to an awkward halt. Suddenly, Victor's coughing gets worse and he starts to feel ill as well.

As Victor is trying to catch his breath, Pegs recognizes that there is no sound around them. They can't hear birds, or dogs in the area. Victor starts to get concerned about the route they took. Pegs and Victor quickly return to the car as they start to feel like they can't breathe. Victor turns the car around and speeds off in the other direction. Victor tells Pegs to drink water and try to breathe through her nose to help alleviate the symptoms but neither works. As they continue to cough, the scene fades out.

Back at LAX Saul brings two liquids for Kalani to choose which one he needs. The repairs and prepping of the helicopter are being worked on by everyone present, except Burt who is talking to someone at the Tower on the radio. Kalani goes over to the car and gets Burt back to work. Datu has found the appropriate equipment to mend the bullet holes in the side, so he and Kalani are going to work on that while Burt and Saul clean out the interior of all the rotting flesh and dried blood.

Burt joins the group and realizes that Victor and Pegs are very late. It took Datu and Kalani and hour to make it to LAX from the Tower. Pegs and Victor left the Tower over two hours ago and still haven't arrived. Kalani thinks they may have got turned around, but Burt thinks its been too long for that. Burt thinks they may have to go searching for them, and said Michael thinks it might be a good idea. Kalani says of course he would. Saul gets angry saying Pegs is missing for 10 minutes and now Michael wants them to drop everything to look for her and noting how that's not leading by example. Burt comes back saying it was his suggestion because they might have broke down, but searching becomes a moot point when Victor and Pegs arrive at the helicopter. Burt goes to radio the Tower and let them know Victor and Pegs arrived.

Victor and Pegs explain what happened to them earlier in the chapter part, but the rest of the crew working on the helicopter found it hard to believe. Victor pulls out a map and shows them where it happened, and Saul identifies it as Inglewood. Datu says it sounds like something Samantha described called Ground Zero. Saul noted that when they first looked at everyone's journals, Inglewood was one of the places it seemed to happen the earliest. Burt says Michael circled that area on everyone's maps indicating it was a place to avoid, but Victor and Pegs didn't know that. Kalani once again refocuses the group on the task at hand: Repairing and cleaning out the helicopter. But Victor mentions that if that's where the outbreak started, that's a place they might want to investigate further. Kalani doesn't understand why they'd want to go back to a place that nearly killed them. Burt agrees equating it to a landmine. There more disagreements about the value of going back, when Datu brings up the idea that being near that place might change you into something else. Burt is on edge and asks how Pegs and Victor are feeling, but they both say they are fine. Burt says they'll have to keep an eye on them, and that he's sure they understand why.

Kalani again tries to get the group focused back on the task at hand, and they finally agree when Kalani says if they get the helicopter fixed, they can fly over top of that area on their way back. Burt remarks about how Pegs got them lost on their way here and Kalani really wants her to fly the other helicopter. Pegs takes offense but Kalani immediately defends her and says she is the best person for the job. Saul mentions Pegs' poor track record thus far, and Victor steps up to defend Pegs as well mentioning ever since he met her she's been pulling her weight and for Saul to remember that she stuck her neck out for him to get him the medicine he needed. Saul again thanks Pegs for what she did for him, but mentions flying the helicopter is definitely different and wonders how much time she had flying. She guesses somewhere around 80 hours of fly time, and Saul immediately relents seeming far more comfortable with the idea of Pegs flying. The group breaks off into teams to continue their tasks.

Saul tells Victor he's got a cargo bay to clean, and he'd do it himself but he's got to keep the IV line clean. Saul offers to go get more cleaning supplies from around the terminal. Victor calls Saul lazy, but Burt says to cut him some slack because he's been bedridden for a long time and probably feeling very tired. Burt and Victor formally introduce themselves and get to work as Datu (claiming he's the smart one) goes to repair the holes in the hydraulic line.

Up in the cockpit, Pegs gets a crash course from Kalani on how to fly the Pelican (or Jolly Green Giant). Though she was intimidated at first, she started to get the hang of it. Kalani runs her through the basics and Pegs takes written notes to make sure she remembers. She's concerned because she's only flown little Cessna airplanes in the past and only with father present and this was a big helicopter. Kalani says to not think of it like that because the helicopter will do what it tells you to do. He says that's why they are going over all the controls now so she'll feel comfortable when it's time to actually fly. Burt joins them saying flying doesn't sound so hard, and Kalani says it isn't and given enough time he could train just about anyone. Pegs asks about the gauges on the panel when a radio call comes in from the other search team looking for a helicopter. Kalani gets distracted and angry because he can't keep track of all the Tower's activities.

The LAX crew listen as Bluejay and Robin talk to the Tower saying they found another helicopter. Kalani wants to know what kind it is and what kind of shape its in, but they aren't close enough to tell. Kalani notes how unhelpful that is. The other search team tells them its in grid 9-F on Michael's map of L.A. and Burt goes to look. The other team requests to be allowed to return to the Tower, and Michael allows them to. Burt discovers that the grid contains a hospital and the helicopter they found must be a medivac helicopter. Kalani is pleased with the discovery, but wonders why they didn't get a closer look. Burt reminds him that area is dangerous and that they probably had to check it out from a distance. Kalani wonders if they are going to have to be the ones to go get it. Burt tries to call Saul on the walkie talkie. Pegs wonders if he got attacked and if anyone went with him. Burt says the place he was going is on the outside of the airport so he should be safe. Datu wonders if maybe he turned off his walkie talkie when they hear a car start up and take off away from the helicopter as Burt says apparently Saul is done waiting around and is going to find Lizzy


The original "air dates" of Chapter 22 were:
  • Part 1: May 23, 2011
  • Part 2: May 30, 2011
  • Part 3: June 6, 2011


"You hear that?... No birds, no dogs, nothing" - Pegs in 22 - Our Doubts are Traitors




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