Ground Zero

Ground Zero
  • Location suspected of where the "first bitten" took place, where it all began.
  • As described by Kalani as location where "weird" creatures were seen, including fast runners, high jumpers.
  • Convoy runners described as becoming nauseous when passing near the area.
  • first discussed on Episode 11.

-First interaction the characters from the Tower have with Ground Zero is Pegs and Victor who got lost en route to LAX in Chapter 22. They were overwhelmed with nausea and the inability to breathe. There were no animals in the area making sounds. This incident takes place near Inglewood.

Inglewood, California is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California, southwest of downtown Los Angeles. Located 4.15 miles from LAX, Inglewood covers approximately 9.1 square miles.

Within the boundaries of Inglewood, CA are three parks, one grave yard, large amounts of residential area and some light commercial space.

Inglewood was initially settled by native americans who used the springs in the area currently used as Edward Vincent Jr. Park, formerly known as Centinela Park.


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