A large coastguard helicopter found by the survivors. Also referred to as a Jolly Green Giant, which was the Air Force name for the same basic aircraft. The Tower's Jolly Green Giant/Pelican is codenamed "Rooster".
Coast Guard HH-3 Pelican in flight
Coast Guard HH-3 Pelican in flight


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How She flies

  • Chapter 21 - Discovered on the Tarmac at LAX by Burt and Saul.
  • Chapter 22 - Datu, Kalani, Pegs and Victor come down to see it. Datu and Kalani work on fixing it, while Pegs starts learning how to fly it.
  • Chapter 23 - Left under the care of Victor, Pegs and Datu.
  • Chapter 24 - Datu finishes fixing the chopper. Pegs and Datu fly to the second landing pad, picking up Michael, Kelly, Tanya, Hope and Riley (and Lady). Pegs attempts to land on the roof of the tower to rescue Angel, but is unable to get him. They then fly off into the distance, presumably towards Fort Irwin.
  • Chapter 25 - Forced to make an emergency landing in a field due to a hydraulic leak, which Datu is able to fix. Takes off again just ahead of a crowd of zombies and completes the flight to Fort Irwin, where they discover they had a hitchhiker.
  • Chapter 34 - Reference made that the Pelican did not fly again after reaching Fort Irwin and could not be repaired by Fort Irwin personnel. Datu is sent to try and fix it again.
  • Chapter 35 -

  • Chapter 36 -

  • Chapter 37 -

General Info:
  • Crew: 3
  • Capacity: 28
  • Length: 73 ft.
  • Rotor diameter: 62 ft.
  • Height: 18 ft.
  • Empty weight: 13,341 lb
  • Max takeoff weight: 22,050 lb
  • Rotor system: 5 Blades

  • Maximum speed:165 mph
  • Range:779 mi

  • Commonly called the "Jolly Green Giant" by the US Air Force, "Sea King" by the US Navy, and "Pelican" by the US Coast Guard.
  • "Sea Kings" operated by the United States Marine Corps have been used as one of the official helicopters of the President of the United States, since the early 70's, code-named "Marine One" when the President is on board.


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