"About Last Night"
Chapter 20
Chapter Number20
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Cover ArtistBen Hosac
Audio EditorGrayson Stone, Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date3/21/11
Part 2 Air Date3/28/11
Part 3 Air Date4/4/11
Character NarratorLizzy, Datu, Burt
Places in EpisodeThe Tower, The Mall
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Bricks, Burt, Datu, Kalani, Lizzy, Riley, Saul, Scratch, Steven, Tanya, Victor


[top]Part 1

Michael storms into the security office looking for the log book for the night Lizzy is kicked out. He discovers it was Datu and Angel is sent to get Datu's journal. Michael reads Datu's accounts of that night. According to Datu, Lizzy fell asleep at her guard duty post and is discovered by Steven. There is an argument as Steven accuses Lizzy of breaking the rules. Burt agrees and tells Lizzy she will need to make up for mistake by taking on extra work and shifts. Steven is irate at Burt's leniency and implies that Burt is playing favorites with Lizzy. The argument has now attracted the residents of the Tower as Steven claims if he were in charge, he would enforce the rules. Lizzy, realizing that Burt's hold of leadership is in jeopardy, volunteers to leave the Tower on her own claiming it was Burt fulfilling the rules. Lizzy packs up her bag, is given an M-16 and leaves the Tower.

Michael is livid that Angel let Lizzy go when Burt returns dejected. He had been out all night searching for Lizzy. Almost immediately, Burt relinquishes his leadership of the Tower back to Michael. Burt says he's been having a rough time since Michael, Pegs and Kelly left for the south. Now that Michael is back, Burt's time in charge is over. Michael retakes the command and organizes search parties to go find Lizzy.

The story shifts to Lizzy recording an audio journal entry on her first day after she left the Tower. She has been able to gather enough supplies to last a couple of days which she hopes will last her until she can go back home. After her entry, Lizzy is at a car dealership trying to find a car that she can take. Finding no car with keys in them, she goes inside the dealership and sees a locked room. She fires her gun at the lock which breaks it, but also double feeds the M-16 and causes it to jam. She suddenly hears two men voices approaching the dealership and they know someone is inside. As she tries to remember what Burt taught her to fix her weapon, Lizzy gets hit with a taser by Tardust which incapacitates her. He is soon joined by Bricks who id Lizzy and compare it to a list that she's not on. Tardust says they will take Lizzy with them and that Scratch will know what to do with her.

[top]Part 2

Burt has brought Michael up to speed on the state of the Tower, and they are soon joined by Tanya who wants to see the patient, Saul. They explain to Tanya that he might have come in contact with blood from a zombie but something would have happened by now. Tanya tells them of a case in the Colony where a patient took a long time to turn, so its not unheard of for a prolonged turning. She tells them they had to euthanize the patient. Burt says he knew he was right to be suspicious and maybe they shouldn't have taken the handcuffs off Saul. This causes Michael and the others to check their weapons and make sure they are ready just in case. Before they go in, the decision is made to not tell Saul that Lizzy has been kicked out of the Tower.

When they arrive in Saul's room, Saul is unresponsive. Angel has to scream at him in order to wake him up. Saul comes to but he is hallucinating. Tanya notes how sloppy Saul's IV is and they tell her Saul didn't trust anyone else to do it but himself. Tanya gets his attention, and Saul is about to swear when Tanya calls him by his full name. Saul realizes he's not hallucinating at all and the two embrace revealing themselves to be mother and son. After a cheery reunion, it soon degenerates into some light hearted bickering. Saul reveals that Tanya isn't an actual doctor, but a veterinarian and that was the start of Saul's medical training. Tanya makes it clear that the basics of both professions are the same, and points out how well she did on Michael's arm. They eventually focus on Saul's injury and Tanya fixes Saul's IV and gives him two very powerful medicines that Saul has never heard of. Michael and Angel leave to focus on a new mission, when Burt accidentally lets slip that Lizzy is no longer a resident of the Tower. Saul overhears this and becomes incensed.

Michael and Angel are in the office talking about how the best strategy to move forward is to find a way to get to Fort Irwin, when Saul busts through the door trailing his IV with him and Burt in toe. Saul accuses everyone of letting her go and claims he's going to get her back. After some arguments, Saul is allowed to leave with Burt alongside him.

[top]Part 3

This part is told in juxtaposing narratives. For clarity, each storyline will be presented entirely as it would have happened chronologically instead of how it was presented in the episode.

Tardust and Bricks are driving with Lizzy when they stop and Tardust orders Lizzy out. They've stopped at a furniture store. Tardust leaves Bricks outside to stand guard, and he takes Lizzy inside far enough inside the store so Bricks can no longer hear them call. Tardust forces Lizzy onto a bed despite her struggles. Lizzy is able to kick Tardust who chuckles and then slices her leg with his knife. Tardust takes the gag out of Lizzy's mouth because he can't get excited enough when she's gagged. He threatens to cut her deeper if she screams. But before he can go any further, Lizzy throws up. Tardust is disgusted, and stops for a moment when Bricks shouts into the store that someone is outside. Tardust says he'll be there in a minute, and then tells Lizzy this will have to be quick. Lizzy throws up again, and Tardust says he doesn't care and he'd suffer through anything at this point to get what he wants.

At this time, Scratch comes bursting through the door of the furniture store wondering why Bricks and Tardust haven't met up with the others. Bricks says Tardust was stopping for supplies but Scratch sees through that lie. Just then, Lizzy moans and Scratch hears her. Scratch is angry at Bricks and Tardust for not reporting to her about finding a girl and asks Tardust what he was trying to do when she arrived. Lizzy tries to tell Scratch, but Scratch snaps at her saying she didn't ask her. Scratch tells her she knows who she is and she'll deal with her later. Scratch notes the cut on Lizzy's leg and gives Tardust a matching cut on his leg as punishment, not for trying to rape Lizzy but for being late for the meeting. Scratch refocuses her attention on Lizzy and tells her she remember Lizzy from the road outside the depot and she recognized her throwing things from the balconies of the Tower during the War. Scratch makes it clear to Lizzy she doesn't care if Tardust had violated her "till his balls fell off", but they are running behind schedule and they have to go now. As Lizzy stands, she pukes again. Scratch says "You're sick..." and then orders the handcuffs be taken off Lizzy and sends Bricks and Tardust with Lizzy away to meet with the others and gives Bricks the order to not let Tardust touch Lizzy. Once the cuffs are taken off Lizzy, she quickly draws an "M" in the carpet, and throws a chair through the store front window. Tardust knocks her out.

The other storyline which runs with the above follows Saul and Burt looking for Lizzy. As they drive around Burt stops in front of a store and notices a chair in the road which wasn't there when he was out searching for Lizzy earlier that day. He and Saul enter the store and note the fine coating of dust that coated the surfaces. They notice that a giant "W" is drawn in the carpet, and they continue deeper into the store. Saul notices blood on the floor and follows the trail to a bed that has been messed up and covered in blood and vomit. Saul is freaking out because he thinks something horrible has happened to Lizzy. Burt tries to calm him down by saying it could be anyone's blood. Saul suddenly realizes that the "W" isn't actually a W, but an "M" and Burt realizes it means Mallers. Saul finds a scrap of cloth near the bed, and Burt says it's the same color as the clothing Lizzy was wearing when she left the Tower. Saul goes ballistic again and blames Burt for everything that is happening. Saul wants to kill all the Mallers but Burt tries to reason with him saying he wants to bury them too, but they won't be able to do it alone. They'll need back up. Burt calls the Tower and tells Angel to unload the entire weapons cache and meet them at rendezvous point Bravo.

The story shifts back to Lizzy in the car with Bricks and Tardust arguing about if they should have hit her or not. Lizzy tries to defend the Tower's actions during The War but the Mallers aren't having any of it. Tardust tells Lizzy of a Maller named Johnny who was a really good guy and was great to talk to. But he got badly burned during the War and is just an angry shell of his former self. Lizzy says her friends will come for her and that they know where the Mallers live. Tardust says he doesn't care and that they've arrived at their destination. All Lizzy can say is "No."

The story returns to the Tower group planning an assault on the mall. Though they continue to try to talk some sense into Saul he isn't listening to any of it. He wants to attack the Mallers as soon as possible and continues to guilt the rest of the group (Michael, Burt, Angel and Riley) into helping him now. Different ideas are posed as to the best way to attack the mall which is fortified. Michael says in order to plan properly, he needs to see the place so they leave for the Mall. When they arrive Burt climbs up to the roof to investigate the exterior defenses of the mall. Now on the verge of getting what he wants, Saul apologizes to the group for over reacting, when Burt calls down from the roof telling them that the Mallers aren't there. They're gone.


The original "air dates" of Chapter 20 were:
  • Part 1: March 21, 2011
  • Part 2: March 28, 2011
  • Part 3: April 4, 2011

Easter Egg- The advertisement at the beginning of Part 2 (Wayside Flowers) does not exist and was inserted as an Easter Egg by Kc. It was later confirmed that Wayside Flowers was the store Pegs was working at when the outbreak started.






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