Ben Hosac
Ben Hosac
PositionSeries Artist
HometownOrange, CA
Special TalentsSculpture, Oil Painting, Any Art
Crew StatusActive


Ben is working on quite a few projects, anything from sculpture to oil paintings. Ben and Kc attended the same highschool and share a common interest in story telling through films, books and radio. He Paints, draws, sculpts. Enjoys a good round of StarCraft 2 or Left 4 Dead.

[top]Fun Fact

In anticipation of devious acts, Ben is growing a curly mustache and pointy beard.

[top]Stories from the Set of We're Alive

I tried to find the set once but ended up at a waffle stand. Yes, a Waffle stand.


The Chronicles of TorQuell & Viki the Time Machine (Both yet to be released)

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