"Beyond Our Walls"
Chapter Number29
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date4/30/12
Part 2 Air Date5/7/12
Part 3 Air Date5/14/12


I am lousy at summarizing things so Witness the heart and tenacity of animals when faced WHEN with the walking dead, In the new comic book Rex Zombie Killer, 3 dogs a cat and a Gorilla with a baseball bat make a perilous cross country journey to find safety and a home, See Rex Go, Run Zombies Run.

[top]Part 1

The episode begins with Carl and Puck taking Tonya forcibly into the medical center. They have to sedate Tonya because she is fighting so hard. Brittney Brombacher host of We’re Not Dead makes her guest appearance as a nurse. Michael threatens to break into the Weed medical center until Colonel Kimmet arrives.

Tonya status was good shape physically but here mental state is unknown. Reily’s status is listed as under observation. Michael complains about being left in the dark for days.
Because Michaels MOS is 35 Foxtrot, Intelligence analysis unit 233 out of Bell, Michael also has a TS security clearance. Kimmet forces Michael into active duty and re-assigns him to Kimmet's command staff. Then he assigns Puck underneath him. Neither Michael or Puck are happy with the situation.

When Michael returns to the barracks he updates the rest of the survivors on Reily’s and Tonya’s status. Puck lets everyone know that they are going to be given assignments.
Michael takes his physical and is a soldier again, Puck lets him know that his laceless (under suicide watch) friends are probably not going to be turned away. Puck was assigned to Ft Irwin before the outbreak. The outbreak happened between training cycles, so it was at its lowest staff level. Puck’s first name is Sam. He is already a corporal because his superior “Chomp” was killed on a mission.

Michael reports to Kimmet’s command center , where Puck is warned that Kimmet has been pissed since he heard about downed squad (assumed the mission his niece was on)
Michael is given papers for his new assignment. Michael is surprised that he will be paid with “Exchange Points” that can be used to purchase items at the PX. Part one ends with Kimmet telling Michael to stop reading the fine print and just sign his new orders.

[top]Part 2

Kimmet informs Michael the failure to sign his orders will make him AWOL, Michael says “There is no choice like no Choice”. Kimmet shows Michael that Fort Irwin is the operational headquarters. Civilians are moved to Boulder Colorado, population 150,000 people. There are 2000 soldiers at Ft Irwin, 182 soldiers in the field. 200 soldiers in “The Box” a field training ground. Coast guard had the first training missions and evacuated people out of California. The Green Giant that the survivors arrived in was one of the Coast Guard rescue choppers that didn’t make it back. Kimmet’s theory is that they are losing the war because people are too hesitant to use lethal force against their neighbors, they hesitated waiting for a cure. Boulder and Ft Irwin are the only safe Zones know in the continental United states. Michael reacts badly when he is told his friends will be shipped out to Colorado unless they enlist in the military. His friends have until the next day to decide if they want to stay or go. Reily is the only tower survivor who is willing to stay with Michael. Michael tries to talk Pegs into staying but she refuses.

After a tearful goodbye at the transport plane Puck gets word from the Hospital that Tonya has been bit.

[top]Part 3

When Michael and Reily get to the hospital they get an update on Tonya. The bit on Tonya’s arm is old but she is not showing signs of turning. The only way to see if Tonya is turning is by autopsy. Kimmet is going to kick her out of Fort Irwin but is giving Michael a chance to talk to her. Tonya admits she was bit by a slow turner so Kimmet lets her stay, but she must stay in isolation.

The episode switches to the Colony where Tardust is interviewing a severely broken and burned Angel. Scratch reveals that Angel was a member of the Crime Family. Tardust gives the camera to Bricks to record the interview in case they can’t understand Angel they can play the interview back later. Tardust shows once again that he is more intelligent than the average criminal but doesn’t understand all of what is written on Angel’s chart. Dr. Jason reveals that Angel is not going to survive. When Scratch interviews Angel he does not how to react until she calls him Angel Danuto and Angel struggles frantically for a second. Angel calms down while Scratch tells him he is special because he was born a member of the family until she mentions his father would be proud. Angel struggles at the mention of his father. Bricks is shocked by Angle’s hands and Tardust explains that Angel repelled down a steel wire into a burning diesel tanker. Tardust makes a quote “Every time a RPG fly’s an Angel gets it Wings” showing he has no sympathy for anyone else. When asked where the tower survivors went Angle writes “F U!” so Scratch shoots him dead, and tells Tardust to take care of him properly.

The big reveal at the end of the Episode is that Burt is alive and being held prisoner by the Mallers.



There is no choice like no Choice

Every time a RPG fly’s an Angel gets it Wings



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