A shoulder-launched, anti-tank, rocket propelled grenade launcher, taken by the mallers from a safe in Locked and Loaded.

  • When Saul and Angel go to Locked and Loaded in Chapter 3, the safe has already been opened. Presumably Latch opened the safe when the Mallers went raiding.
  • Chapter 21 - Described as the "weapon Latch got out of the safe", a maller asks if they should hold onto the weapon. Scratch takes it, saying that she only wants to use it if she has to.
  • Chapter 24 - The mallers attack the tower with the RPG. Burt reveals that he had an RPG in the safe, because he was going to sell it. He also says that it only has 10 rockets. Burt shoots the maller holding the RPG in the neck, but when falling, the maller discharges the weapon and it explodes next to the Hummer. The Hummer rolls over, with Saul and Victor inside, but they get out alive. Another maller uses the RPG and hits the tower's diesel tanker, which damages the building a little, but provides cover for surviving members of the tower to get across the zipline. When Pegs arrrives in the Jolly Green Giant, the maller fires at the helicopter that she is flying, but it misses and hits the tower which caused the roof to collapse, starting a chain reaction that resulted in the destruction of the Tower.

General Info:
The RPG-7 is a Russian designed, shoulder fired, unguided, anti-tank rocket system. Beggining with the RPG-2, which bore more similarity to the American Bazooka than to the modern RPG-7, the RPG-7 was introduced in 1961 and widely disseminated to the Russian Army at a squad level. The RPG-7 is cheap and easy to manufacture which is why it is one of the most widely used shoulder fired rocket systems in the world.

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