Full NameCorporal Samuel Puck
Portrayed byBrett Newton
First appearanceChapter 26 - Who Overcomes...
Former Occupation31B - Military Police
ResidenceFort Irwin


M.O.S. is 31 Bravo
First Appeared:Sam Puck's first appearance is in Chapter 26 "Who Overcomes" part 1
Status: Alive


Puck was stationed in Ft Irwin when the outbreak occurred. He had been in active duty for a year and a half. He got his "blood stripes'" field promotion on a recon mission when the person above him "Chomp" was killed. Puck wasn't on the mission but he got his spot.


As a MP Puck was very suspicious of the tower survivors and he was threatening to kill Reily if she was turning. Michael tried to intimidate him but Puck would not deviate from his orders.
Puck is hungry for combat action and after being assigned to train under Michael he becomes very loyal to him.
Puck was convinced that Riley is a liability that could screw things up in combat. Riley saved his life by shooting a zombie going after him when he fell out of the back of a hummer. It is unclear what his opinion of Riley is now.
Puck loves baseball cards
Puck uses fun phrases like "Dumb Broad & Gloomy Gus"

[top]Notable In The Series


"Soldier?" - Puck to Michael after arriving at Fort Irwin 26 - Who Overcomes


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