Portrayed byShirley Jordan
First appearanceChapter 18 - No Place Like Home
Final appearanceRecurring
DOB23 Sep 1956
Former OccupationVeterinarian
ResidenceThe Tower
Child(ren)Saul Tink



  • Has a degree in Veterinary Medicine
  • Lived outside Anaheim


  • Tanya is a no nonsense woman. She's very straight to the point with her treatment of Michael and Pegs sometimes bordering on blase especially after they bring up Hope's dead mother and Hope overhears them. Tanya does however have a soft heart and has accepted Hope as an apprentice in the hospital despite Hope's blindness and apparent lack of worth to The Colony. She protects Hope like she was her own daughter, and shows a maternal side when dealing with her. She remains professional at all times, even though she wants to revel in getting the opportunity to inflict pain on Michael as punishment for his lack of common sense.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Tries to convince Michael to replace Shaun as second-in-command to Marcus.
  • Tanya is Saul's mother, and she taught him the basics of medical treatment as a veterinarian.
  • In Season 3, Tanya is revealed to have a bite from a zombie who had not fully turned. Despite showing no outward signs of turning, Kimmet orders her into confinement. Michael has her research all the journals and try to find something they may have missed about the outbreak.
  • Tanya performs the only known autopsy on a Little One, #2 that was recovered from the Chinook crash in Chapter 33 part 3.
  • Euthanizes Amy before she has a chance to finish turning into a Little One via a drug concoction.
  • Attempting to find the cause of the zombie outbreak


"I know you're new around here but you learn: you either help out or you're just plain out." - Tanya in 18 - No Place Like Home
"I'm gonna have a hard time not smiling when I break your damn arm" - Tanya to Michael in 18 - No Place Like Home
"I'm an insurance policy. Don't go doing stupid shit on my account." - Tanya in 19 - The Catalyst
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