"No Place Like Home"
Chapter 18
Chapter Number18
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Cover ArtistBen Hosac
Audio EditorMike Horton
Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date1/24/11
Part 2 Air Date1/31/11
Part 3 Air Date2/7/11
Character NarratorMichael , Kelly, Angel
Places in EpisodeThe Colony, Army Base
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Gatekeeper, Hope, Kalani, Kelly, Pete, Pegs, Tanya, Victor, Skittles


Part 1
Michael wakes Kelly and Pegs up after holding up in the dug out basement with Victor for the night. Michael apologizes to Victor for having to shoot the infected Fernando, but Victor brushes him off. Pegs asks Victor once again about the rescue signs they had been following and Victor tells them there is no more rescue, and tries to take them back to their car. Michael refuses to go until he learns more about the people Victor had been talking with and receiving medical aid for his broken arm, and advice on how to treat Saul. Victor tells them it isn't worth it, when a radio call comes in and Michael answers back despite Victor's warnings to go back from where they came. Victor then relents and leads Michael, Pegs and Kelly towards the Colony, which is a two mile trek on foot. .
As they set off, Michael Pegs and Kelly try to figure out why Victor does not want them to go to the Colony. They assume it because they have also fallen on hard times, like The Tower. Michael tries to tell Victor they don't plan to stay long term and Victor says "Talk to me in a week, and we'll see if that's true"
The scene shifts to Angel, and Kalani still hiding in the Water Tower on the Army Base, but Skittles is gone. They call out for him and he quickly returns saying he was outside making sure the Behemoth was still waiting for them. Angel says he isn't surprised and that these things are patient and can probably still smell them. Skittles wonders if things would be better if they wait longer. Angel says they will run out of supplies soon and there's no bathroom. Kalani suggests they go over the ledge, and Angel snaps at that as a horrible idea to mark their territory worse than it already is. The group refocuses their efforts on how to kill the behemoth. They know they need a distraction, but they aren't sure how to accomplish that and even if they do the behemoth will chase them anyway as soon as they get down from the Water Tower. Angel says the only reason they need to kill it is so they have enough time to change the tire on the truck. Kalani says screw the truck, but Angel insists they complete the mission because otherwise they will have to resort to eating Lady and after that, they'd have to resort eating...but doesn't finish the thought.
They start to brainstorm how they might be able to kill it. Skittles suggests shooting it, but Angel relates it to shooting a rhinoceros with bird shot. They consider swapping the pallet out to another hummer, but figure none of the ones on the base will start. Skittles says there's no time, because Behemoths aren't fast but they don't slow down and don't get tired. Skittles suggests running and hiding somewhere else, but Angel says they tried that before they got up to the Water Tower and it just broke through everything. Kalani says maybe they should have the Behemoth run through all the walls of the building and maybe that could kill it, but they still need a distraction to get down from the Water Tower. Kalani remembers the liquor bottle and suggests they make a Molotov Cocktail.
The story shifts back to Michael narrating the path through multiple blockades on the way to the Colony. He mentions Victor resetting traps they based through intended to catch mindless attackers, that would be easy to get through if you knew what to look for. Michael comments on the sheer manpower needed to coordinate those traps and blockades. Once the Colony's outer walls come into focus, Michael asks how many people it took to build the defenses. Victor says he's not allowed to say. He takes them to the main gate, which is secured with an electronic lock on a door. The code is left on a sticky note outside and Michael tells him they should take it off. Victor scoffs at the notion.
They enter a controlled room where The Gatekeeper talks to them from another location via a live feed camera. The Gatekeeper asks how many are in the group and Victor replies four, telling the Gatekeeper Fernando didn't make it. The Gatekeeper says Victor knows what will happen if there are more than four. They are allowed into the next waiting area, that has a table and a window with a speaker. The Gatekeeper makes all four of them declare their weapons, and then submit to a visual inspection. The visual inspection requires them to all take off their clothes and have the Gatekeeper look them over for any scratches or bitemarks. When inspecting Michael, he decides to get a second opinion about his broken arm and calls the doctor. She decides something isn't right about Michael's arm and bars his entry into the Colony.
Part 2
Michael begs her to let him in. He has pictures of Saul's injury and that is more important to him than fixing his arm. The Doctor permits Michael's entry as long as he comes directly to the hospital for an up close inspection. Victor takes them into the main entrance of the Colony.
Michael, Pegs and Kelly are surprised by the interior of the Colony. They meet Pete who runs the Colony's Store and tells them to stop by later to make a trade. Victor brings them to the hospital and allows Michael and Pegs to enter, but Kelly has to stay outside with him.
Michael and Pegs are assaulted with a horrible smell inside the dark corridors of the hospital. The begin to fear they have fallen into a trap but they are greeted by a teenage girl who leads them to the Doctor, Tanya. Michael tries to show her Saul's pictures, but she insists on checking Michael's arm and Pegs' foot. Tanya begins to inspect Michael's arm and Michael notices a bandage under her sleeve. She says she burned it during surgery. Tanya concludes it has indeed been broken, but it is healing wrong and the only recourse is to re-break his arm. She moves on to Pegs' foot and says that's no problem at all and she can stitch her up right now. She calls to the teenage girl to get her needle kit. .
While waiting for the girl to return, Tanya discovers Michael and Pegs are from L.A. and says they haven't had any roamers from that far north in a long time, and mentions L.A. got hit bad. The girl returns with the wrong needle set, and Michael realizes she's blind. Tanya says she wasn't born blind but became nearly completely blind "out there." Tanya also mentions if some had their way, the girl wouldn't be here anymore. Tanya took her under her wing and gave her a purpose. Tanya says "Hope's not squeamish" and Michael asks where Hope came from. Tanya says she came in with a group about a month and a half ago.
Hope returns with the needles, and Michael asks her if she came from L.A. and if she stayed in a large tower. Tanya stops him from asking questions, sends Hope away and berates them for having no common sense. Michael says he's sorry but they found her mother, Samantha, and that she had died. They hear a thud out in the hallway and realize Hope has been listening. Tanya brings her back into the room and tells her she can go home. Tanya then begins to stitch Pegs' foot with an ungentle hand.
Despite her annoyance with Pegs and Michael, she says she can help by giving him a strong stuff but only if his infection hasn't turned into a staph infection or blood poisoning. She will give them the injection, but there's no guarantee Marcus will let them leave the Colony. She finishes on Pegs foot and sends her away telling Michael she's going to enjoy re-breaking his arm.
Part 3
Angel and Kalani are searching for the Behemoth and planning out their strategy of collapsing a building on top of it. Skittles asks if he can do anything, and Kalani tells him to get the Molotov out of the Water Tower. The Behemoth spots them before too long, and Skittles throws the Molotov Cocktail and scores a direct hit. Angel and Kalani (leaving Skittles behind) take off for the Taco Mesa which was the building the selected to use as a weapon.
Kalani goes around and opens all the doors to the building while Angel tries to lead the Behemoth through each wall, but it starts to chase Kalani. Angel shoots it to get its attention and then he successfully leads it through three walls. Kalani shouts to Angel that the three walls have weakened the ceiling and Angel needs to escape, but he's trapped. To escape Angel jumps through a plate glass window, receiving multiple lacerations. The roof collapses on the behemoth, supposedly killing it.
Kalani tends to Angel's wounds when the rumble starts to move as the Behemoth tries to escape. Kalani jumps on the rubble and shoots the Behemoth in the head, killing it. As soon as he does, a third Behemoth roars and starts coming for them. Skittles pulls up in the hummer, with its tire replaced and helps Angel into the cab. Kalani peels away as Skittles takes off on foot in the other direction. Kalani plays chicken with the Behemoth and escapes. They notice that this Behemoth had an arrow stuck in it's eye meaning this was the Behemoth from the Arena. Angel drifts off to sleep but not before he and Kalani say they would gladly go on another mission with each other.
Back in the Colony, Victor takes Kelly and Pegs to the Housing department of the Colony and they are assigned a house. Kelly and Pegs continue to try to pry information out of Victor, but they still can't get too far with him. Victor then takes them to their new home and goes to his own home. Kelly and Pegs realize that their new home has recently been lived in and that the person is most likely not alive anymore. Suddenly Hope arrives asking them to please take her with them. When they tell her that Tanya is working on his arm, she says its already too late.


Originally, the climax of the Behemoth vs. Angel/Kalani/Skittles was to take place in part 2. But due to a mix up, it was put in as the beginning of part 3.

The original "air dates" of Chapter 18 were
  • Part 1- 1/24/11
  • Part 2- 1/31/11
  • Part 3- 2/7/11


"I'm going to have a hard time not smiling when I break your damn arm!" - Tanya in 18 - No Place Like Home

"O Holy mother of Mary and some other guy! I don't remember! Catholic school was so long ago!" - Angel in 18 - No Place Like Home



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