Portrayed by Katie Keane
First appearanceChapter 19 - The Catalyst
Final appearanceChapter 37 - Balance of Power
Former OccupationWorker in Liberty Park Farm
ResidenceThe Colony


  • Full Name: Amy
  • Former Occupation:
  • Special Talents:
  • Age:
  • First Appeared: Chapter 19- The Catalyst
  • Current Status: Deceased


  • Unknown


[top]Notable In The Series

  • Loyal to Gatekeeper and his coup, Amy imprisoned Pegs when she realized Pegs was going to warn Marcus of the impending uprising.
  • Amy was discovered by Michael in the hospital in considerable pain following the events of Chapter 36. He discovers she was attacked by a Little One. Michael notices her eyes darkening and realizes she's turning. He pulls out his gun but Tanya stops him and humanely kills her with a drug concoction.


"Don't mess up my stuff in there! I have it organized the way I like it!" - Amy in 19 - The Catalyst


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