Full NameUnknown
Portrayed byMark Jeffrey Miller
Former OccupationUnknown
ResidenceThe Colony


  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Former Occupation:
  • Special Talents:
  • Age: Unknown
  • First Appeared: At the gate of the colony in Chapter 18 part 1
  • Current Status: Deceased


  • Gatekeeper changes his name to what ever task he is currently assigned.


  • Has mental problems according to Victor. Seemingly has little to no remorse for taking hurtful actions against others.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Led a presumably successful coup against Marcus and has taken control of the Colony. His power grab allowed Michael, Pegs, Kelly, Victor, Tanya, and Hope to escape the Colony.
  • Attempted to organize another coup against the Mallers with Victor, Saul and CJ but were thwarted by Scrarch who started her own when she killed Durai. Both Gatekeeper and Bixby were killed off screen in the chaos.


"It's best to think of me as a doctor"
"You're a doctor?"
"No, I just said to think of me as one" - Gatekeeper/Kelly's exchange just before the body inspections in 18 - No Place Like Home

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