Wayside Flowers

General Info:
A single story retail flower shop just off I-710 heading west at Bandini Blvd.

Appears in:

Notable Info:
  • A small flower shop with a roof about 13 feet above ground level.
  • Pegs worked as a florist at the shop when the outbreak started. Pegs and Riley climbed up on the rooftop to escape the zombies and waited for hours before being rescued by Michael, Angel, and Saul.
  • The advertisement at the beginning of 20 - About Last Night - Part 2 did not exist at first, but was inserted as an Easter Egg by Kc Wayland.

Advertisement Transcript:
"No matter what the occasion, Wayside Flowers (your local florist) is your one stop shop for all your floral needs. Browse our wide selection or call us for a custom bouquet to fit your needs and budget. The professional staff at Wayside Flowers is dedicated to handling your order with care. Visit us today just off the 710 heading west at Bandini. You might just find exactly what your looking for."

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