Portrayed byGreg Miller
First appearance18 - No Place Like Home
Former OccupationShopkeeper
ResidenceThe Colony
Special TalentsTrading


  • Full Name: Pete Ness
  • Former Occupation: Shop Keeper
  • Special Talents: Selling goods at competitive prices.
  • Age: 32
  • First Appeared: Past the gate of the colony.
  • Current Status: Alive


  • Background:


  • Friendly and upbeat. Generous with water bottles.

[top]Notable In The Series

[*]Owned the shop inside of the Colony
[*]Returned back to the Colony,a long with Glenn and the broken satellite phone from Fort Irwin, and was followed by a Little One, causing the attack on the Colony (Chapter 35-2)
[*] Stayed in the Colony instead of leaving with group 1, since he owned a store and it took him awhile to restock after the mallers left (Chapter 43-1)


"He didn't come back... Did he?" - Pete in 18 - No place like home


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