Bow and Arrows

A bow and arrows used as a weapon by Riley.
Compound Hunting Bow

Appears in:
  • Chapter 8 - Riley finds them in 'Sports and More' after the mission to the water works.
  • Chapter 9 - Used to take down one in the store, and an arrow is used shot through one zombies leg, which carries on without noticing.
  • Chapter 10 - Used by Riley when escaping the Arena. One is shot through a big ones eye, but it gets back up.
  • Chapter 23 - Riley has more arrows, and uses her bow and arrow whilst in the hospital.
  • In the cover art for chapter 23, the one with markings is holding an arrow. In 23-3 Riley shoots a bow and arrow at the one with markings and it catches it.

  • The one found in the shop is a compound hunting bow, not a competition bow.
  • Almost silent.
  • Arrows can be re-used, if they can be taken out if not broken.

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