The Water Works

General Info:
The Water Works, also referred to as "the water pumping station" by Datu, runs the Water pumping presumably from the Colorado River into the local areas.
  • Has a control room that overlooks the entire pumping facility.
  • Had a group of survivors who continued to operate the water pump before being infiltrated by the zombies.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 8 - Angel, Datu, Michael, and Riley go to try and turn the water back on. A big one gets in and attacks the team before they are able to get the water working. Whilst trying to escape, Michael hits a pressure tank, causing an explosion. The others are unable to get to him, and have to leave him behind. Later on, Michael has made it back to the tower with a broken arm. When questioned about what happened, he seems unwilling to talk about it.
Notable For:
  • Marked the first appearance of a Behemoth
  • Is where Michael somehow escaped an explosion, a behemoth and suffered his broken arm.
  • Also presumed to be where Michael met Randy, who is now a zombie.


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