The One With The Markings
NameThe One With The Markings
Skittles' NicknameThe One With the Markings
Other NicknamesThe Colored One, The Man in the Pinstriped Suit, Ink, The Tattooed One, Freaky Fucker in the suit
First appearanceChapter 5
DepartureStill Present in W.A.
Sighted AtThe Diner, The Tower, The Arena, The Maller Trap, The Hospital, The Colony, The Jail
Special AbilitiesExceptionally intelligent, Can Speak, Extremely Fast, Command abilities, manipulation of Technology, Traps
Physical TraitsCovered in Head To Toe Tattoos, cracked and broken teeth, wears a gray pinstriped suit

[top]The Man

Dr. William Isaak Bill Roberts aged 41

[top]Zombie Information and Background

The baddest of the bad, The One With The Markings is not a zombie to be trifled with. It has been said you only see him once, and then you're dead. While this is a slight exaggeration (as the Tower has encountered him on multiple occasions and survived) it's not that far off. By using ingenious traps, superior speed, skills and the survivors own assumptions that the zombies can not do things they are indeed capable of The One With The Markings has launched numerous successful attacks against survivors in Los Angeles.

The One With The Markings typically does not get his hands dirty, preferring to command Runners, Regulars and other Smart Ones to do his dirty work. However, he did lead a one man assault against the Tower after they successfully rescued Datu and Kalani from the Arena. He also confronted Kalani and Riley alone in the halls of the Hospital, though did not attack or call others to his side in that instance.

The One With The Markings was once the paranoid schizophrenic murderer, Bill Roberts (aka Ink). Roberts earned the nickname "Ink" by being covered from head to toe in tattoos. Ink was heard of only once in the story as part of a DVR recording Lizzy discovered, but the recording was ignored by the characters as they were looking for information about the zombie outbreak. If you want to listen to this go to chapter two part 3 of 3 and skip to 20:50.

When hunting down the location of the zombies hive, Michael and his group decide to try out any information about Roberts, looking at areas that he had been before he was turned, meaning he never entered the Courthouse. Upon entering the Courthouse he was to be trialed at, they find the remains of a escort van that had been kicked open, from the inside. After searching the Courthouse to find information, Puck decides to check the security footage to see if they could see how Ink had turned. It appears that one of his arms was grabbed through a window, whereupon he stopped resisting after being bitten and did not scream at all while being turned. After some time, Ink kicks out the doors of the van, where he jumps out. A couple of zombies nearby see him, and stare at him where he is, and even move aside for him to walk past, where the battery powering the camera footage dies as he makes it to the other side of the monitor.

[top]Special Skills

The One With The Markings is seemingly the alpha of those zombies in We're Alive on multiple levels, which have made the Arena and/ or the Hospital their 'home'. There is no confirmation, though, that The One With The Markings is also the alpha of those zombies wildly roaming the WA-verse. Not only does he attract other zombies to him in an organized manner, he has many of the other types of zombies strengths and appears to have none of their weaknesses. He has the speed of a runner, the cunning of a smart one, the endurance of the big ones, the hunting skills of the little ones, the resiliency of the regulars and the ability to impersonate (on the most basic of levels) the survivors. The One With The Markings has conducted at least two successful ambushes, broken into two different survivor strongholds, organized an army of zombies to follow him, commanded all varieties of zombies around the city, been shot at point blank range with an M-16 in the chest (and subsequently played possum), and caught an arrow fired from close range by Riley, among other things. He also has an understanding of the English language, getting up after "playing possum" because Burt told Pegs that they did not have any more ammunition.


  • The One With The Markings first encounter with the Tower was at an ambush site (presumably the one set up against The Other Tower), where he dodged a shot by Burt and called Runners to chase Burt, Saul and Lizzy.
  • Datu claims to see a man closely fitting the description of the zombie Skittles described as the Colored One.
  • Michael and company discover The One With Markings having entered the Tower and killed Paul, but was able to escape with only a gunshot wound to his hand.
  • Michael again saw this zombie commanding the horde of zombies attacking the Tower in the immediate aftermath of the War.
  • The next encounter was witnessed only by Lizzy (and many Mallers and Maller Slaves) as he ambushed them en route to the Arena.
  • The next sighting occurred in the Hospital where he confronted Kalani and Riley.
  • Chinwe recounts The One With Markings infiltrating The Other Tower in 27 - The Thirty-First.
  • He is seen outside of the Colony during the attack, opening the gate for a Behemoth to enter, and calls some Little ones to attack when the Behemoth died. 36 - Scorched Earth
  • He is seen looking at Puck, at the aftermath of the Jail expedition, where he shut the gates of the Jail. 42 - Chasing Ghosts
  • He is seen in Twin Towers Jail being escorted out of a padded cell of T-Block and on his way to trial in Lockdown Ep1

[top]Discrepancies and Controversies

This article is written under the assumption that all appearances of "The One With the Markings" is actually one zombie. However, there are disputes over this assertion.

Every member of the We're Alive universe has a different way they describe a zombie that shares many of the same characteristics exhibited by The One With The Markings. Lizzy refers to him as the Man in the Pinstriped Suit, while Michael calls him something else, and Datu something else all together. By the inconsistent descriptions and monikers it is hard to determine if it is always the same zombie or if there are multiple zombies.

The other piece of evidence to suggest there may be two zombies of similar description centers around the events at the Arena. Datu specifically describes a man with a weird look in the center of the Arena. He is later rescued and brought back to the Tower. But before the rescuers made it back in the hummer, the zombie that killed Paul and could imitate speech was already inside the Tower and wreaking havoc. While it has been proven that this particular zombie was capable of incredible speeds, it's not proven the zombie that attacked the Tower and the one in the Arena that killed Samantha are indeed the same.


"Leave her. " - commanding zombies chasing after Chinwe in 27 - The Thirty-First.
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