Bill Norris
Full NameBill Norris
Portrayed byManley Woods
First appearanceChapter 2 - The Two Things
Final appearanceChapter 12 - The War
Former OccupationTower Owner
ResidenceThe Tower
SpouseSandy (Deceased)


  • Full Name: Bill Norris
  • Former Occupation: Tower Owner
  • Special Talents:
  • Age: 36 at beginning of story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 2 - The Two Things, Appeared in the first part of Chapter 2, was hostile to the survivors on the top floor.
  • Current Status: Deceased


  • Background: Inherited the tower from his parents and have been living off the income ever since.
  • African American


  • Paranoid, greedy and doesn't easily trust others. He cares only about his own welfare and well-being over anyone else, believing that he is worth more in life.
  • Likes cucumbers.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Prevents the occupants of the Tower from reaching the roof.
  • In the beginning he concealed a leg injury which became infected. While delirious, he mistook Pegs for someone named Sandy.
  • In Season 1 he is accused of stealing supplies from the 2nd floor and believed to be the traitor who alerted the Mallers.
  • Died trying to protect the Tower.


""Who said that you could have a party...? Hold on, you didn't let me finish. Who said you could have a party... And not invite me?!" - Bill in 11 - Rest and Recreation

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