"The War"
Chapter 12 CoverChapter 12 Cover
Chapter Number12
Number of Parts4
Written byKc Wayland
Cover ArtistBen Hosac
Audio EditorRosemary Marez
Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date3/29/10
Part 2 Air Date4/5/10
Part 3 Air Date4/12/10
Part 4 Air Date4/19/10
Character NarratorBurt
Places in EpisodeThe Tower
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Bill, Burt, Durai, Kelly, Latch, Lizzy, Pegs, Riley, Saul, Scratch, Tommy


Pegs rushes downstairs to find out what's going on, with Burt and the others arguing about the mallers. Bill shouts down for the Mallers to come up to the party, causing Michael to send Angel up, getting him away from the window. Regardless of their worries, Michael listens to Pegs' advice, calling down to see what they want. Michael is greeted by Scratch and the man known as Durai. Durai greets him as Michael, attempting to appear civil. After a few words are exchanged, Michael doesn't want to let them up, but Burt takes over on the radio, trying to figure out more. Durai reveals himself as a marksman, like Burt, and takes out some of the cameras, with some of his other survivors taking out ones on the other side, rendering them partially blind from the outside. Burt eggs him on a little bit, irritating Durai.
Pegs gets on the radio, trying to calm them down. Shots are fired from the third floor, causing the tension to rise. Michael takes over, sending Angel up to find out who fired those first shots. He tells them it wasn't them, but Scratch and the Mallers appear ready to overtake the tower. She also reveals that they know they only have blanks and are in no shape to defend an attack. He sends Tommy and Pegs to take people upstairs, away from as much danger. Pegs decides to stay and help Michael defend the tower. He sends those who are unarmed or unable to use a gun to the upper levels of the tower. Burt goes to the south side of the tower, missing a shot as Kelly and the others drop TVs and furniture over the edge, helping them out. After firing on the upper levels, the Mallers move to the east of the tower, towards the parking garage.
The attack continues from the east, as Angel goes to check the parking garage. Michael and Burt load up on ammo. They weigh their options of dropping furniture and other items out of the windows when they realize that the mallers are ramming the gate. Burt gets a shot off and shoots the driver, delaying the attack for the moment. Angel moves the hummer into position in front of the gate, blocking it off for now as another vehicle begins taking over. Burt is unable to get a clean shot, but someone upstairs lights it on fire with a Molotov cocktail. Michael and the others go upstairs to find Tommy had reconnected some of the cameras. They continue to the third floor to find Saul showing Lizzy how to make the Molotov's, throwing them out the window and lighting a few mallers aflame. Pegs comes down and lets them know that they stopped dropping furniture and that the mallers were climbing up the piles, which gives Michael an idea, as he uses a Molotov to set the furniture on fire.
Pegs joins in with the others by creating a few of her own, throwing one out a window on the other side. Burt and Angel use the last of the bottles, doing a decent job of keeping the mallers at bay. The survivors continue to go back and forth between the second and third floors, taking out mallers who are using ladders to get into the tower. Bill comes down with his shotgun to assist in defending the tower. Burt is heard in the distance shouting to "get down," when an explosion occurs on the second floor. Michael goes down to find Burt safe, telling them it was a pipe bomb. Burt finds Bill injured, who dies after letting out an "I'm sorry." They throw another bomb, but Burt manages to throw it back before it explodes.
Burt takes Angel's gun and jumps down to a balcony, attacking the others from behind. Saul gives him a bit of a distraction by shouting at them from the stairwell, saying that he's out of ammo. They succeed, and they go down to help Burt clear the area. Another explosion happens which knocks Michael out. The explosion creates a barricade between Michael and Pegs from the others. Latch and Scratch enter through the hole created from the explosion, stating that they attracted some zombies from the explosion. Pegs uses Michael's gun and shoots Latch with it, causing Scratch to freak out, revealing her brother's name to actually be John. Pegs looks through the broken window to see the man she shot and is shot at by Scratch. Burt, Saul, and Angel get through the barricade, trying to get Michael back upstairs.
Pegs breaks down having killed a man as Saul takes the gun back from her. Michael regains consciousness as Angel and Saul try to pick them up. The mallers change strategies and drive from all directions, using fire engines and other trucks with ladders. With few bullets remaining and the furniture being dropped having little affect, Michael and the others look at Lizzy, saying that they had one more weapon that they could use. They state the famous line "the enemy of my enemy" as Lizzy runs to get the sweat bottles, bringing Lady down for Saul as well. Michael gives one sweat bottle to Angel and the other to Burt, throwing the bottles out on opposite sides of the tower, sending the others upstairs to stay a bit safer.
Angel's bottle doesn't break on the ground and Burt has to waste a bullet to shatter the bottle. Burt uses the shotgun to fire at Scratch coming upstairs while Angel tells Michael that Pegs had shot Latch as he was coming in the window. Scratch tosses a pipe bomb upstairs, but Burt is able to get away in time. The zombies howl from outside, with Scratch using a Molotov as a last resort, heading outside before the infected get to the area. The flames seem too big to put out with just a few fire extinguishers, as all of the survivors grab one to take downstairs. Pegs and Michael go into the apartments, knocking ladders off of the sides of the buildings while Burt and Angel continue trying to put out the fire.
Michael sends everyone upstairs, going with Lizzy to shut off the doors and having them close off the stairwell, sealing off the flames from the other floors. Michael comes up with an idea as he and Pegs head to the elevator, trying to get down to the lobby. Tommy and the others look down on the ground from one of the balconies, seeing mallers getting torn by hundreds of zombies. Burt looks out to see one on the rooftop of the neighboring building who crouches and jumps, trying to attack a few survivors. Burt manages to shoot it with the shotgun as Lizzy shows up and they take him into another apartment, cleaning pieces of the zombie off of him and Tommy.
After Burt and Riley question on whether Michael and Pegs will get lucky one more time, we cut scenes to them getting the elevator doors opened. Pegs uses gloves to slide down the cables before noticing that there was an access ladder which Michael climbs down. They get the hatch to the elevator open, having Pegs use the crowbar to peak out into the lobby. Back upstairs, Tommy argues with Lizzy, stating that he doesn't need to be cleaned off. They hear noises from the elevator shaft and Michael tells them that the fire was still burning, and the lobby was swarming with zombies.
Tommy continues to complain, not wanting to be cleaned, turning into a zombie and getting after Saul. Burt gets the shot off but hits Saul as well. Saul is hurt bad bleeding from his collarbone, with the bullet still lodged inside. The infected Tommy gets up and jumps through the stairwell and into the fire, opening the access door and letting the flames into the floor. Out of other options, Burt and Michael agree that they need to leave the tower, unable to have safe comfort in the tower.


The original "air dates" of Chapter 12 were
  • Part 1- 3/29/2010
  • Part 2- 4/5/2010
  • Part 3- 4/12/2010
  • Part 4- 4/19/2010


"Someone here sold us out, I know it." - Michael in 12 - The War

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." - Burt in 12 - The War



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