On the Road Again
Chapter NumberGoldrush 1
Written byKc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air DateSeptember 10, 2019
Character NarratorPuck
Characters in EpisodePuck, Carl, Robbins, Muldoon, Alex, Vera, Nicolas, Blackburn


The tale of Goldrush starts 17 years after the end of the Story of Survival, with an old taped recording being played back. The voices of Puck, Carl, Robbins, and Muldoon come to life once again. As usual, our favorite soldiers are back at it; constantly arguing amongst each other about petty things. As the recording becomes clearer, it is revealed that Carl is recording a movie directed by Robbins. Several issues arise right away with the script, the theme, and the characters. Puck plays the role of "Pedro" and Muldoon plays the role of "Mimi", both of which are not happy about their "selections". Robbins plays the role of a character named Marlin, which is assumed to be either the actor or the fish. After flipping through the hand-written script, problems with the theme arise. Puck had wanted a musical but the others had agreed on "space zombie invasion" (except for Carl, who suggests that a zombie movie in the current climate would be a bad idea and had suggested "zomb-pires"). Carl is berated for using the z-word and Robbins declares that he has decided on a completely different theme altogether; a zombie Western. The first problem noticed is that they are filming the movie the middle of L.A. and all the backdrops are modern. Robbins suggests using "movie magic" and open lots to enhance the Western vibe. After a bit more debating on the movie's premise and comedic aspect, the soldiers finally get to work and the title song plays.

Back in the future, the second generation of our memorable heroes are grouped together for service training. Alex, Nicolas, and Vera are attempting a test; retrieve medicine (erythromycin) from a nearby pharmacy in the battlegrounds. Just like the soldiers in the olden days, the trio has their own conflicts amongst each other. Once the pills have been retrieved, the three head back to the starting point, but Nick is distracted by the noise of one of them. He follows the sounds of the zombie into the original arena which is now a part of the training ground. Alex and Vera follow behind and secure the area, only to realize it was a trap all along. The three work together to figure out an escape plan, but Vera is split up when the ceiling collapses. A zombie falls into the room with her, but she kills it once Nick and Alex arrive. Nick takes a final shot at one more running away, and finally the three of them head back to the extraction point where Sergeant Hoggs is waiting. However, it is revealed that Vera's bag had ripped and the medicine had fallen out, disqualifying their test and failing them. Alex gets pissed off at Nick for his failure of reason and a fistfight ensues, with Puck entering the scene to break up the fight. He tells Hoggs to keep an eye on Alex, as he knows that his family situation is in dire condition.

Not too long after, Puck is sitting in his "library of artifacts", talking to CJ about Alex's temperament. Alex had lost his dad, Robbins, many years prior, and just recently lost his mom in Lake Matthews, meaning he had no one to care for him anymore. After hearing that Alex tried escaping over the walls, he decides to take him under his wing and tell him the story of Goldrush.


  • After the end credits, the show gives a dedication to nikvoodoo, one of the hosts of the We're Not Dead fancast and a dear friend and helping hand to many on the forums. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 due to complications with cancer. Rest in peace, friend.




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