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We're Not Dead is a podcast about a podcast. It is the official fan podcast of We're Alive. Brittney Brombacher and Nikvoodoo host, with the help of fellow We're Alive fan as a guest. There is a recap of the most recent episode, as well as discussion on theories and questions pertaining to it. Listener mail, fan-made content and even contests are part of the show. Sometimes a We're Alive celebrity joins in to answers questions from fans and explain what it is to work with We're Alive.

Notable Episodes

  • Zombie Growls - Fans sent in their recorded zombie growls. The best ones were chosen to be put in a future We're Alive episode.
  • Zombie Art - Fans draw their depictions of what the zombies look like.
  • Chapter One Reenactments - Kc released the script for chapter one and released it to the public. WND asked the fans to make their own renderings of the chapter in any creative way.
  • Gatekeeper's Bad Day - This is held by ComradeNarf. It is being held in honour of the united hate that is shared for the Gatekeeper. The premise is to make the Gatekeeper have a "bad day" through any creative format. It was only asked that nothing too gruesome be submitted.

Inside Jokes
  • "SKITTLES!" - In one of the early episode where the character Skittles was first being discussed, Greg expressed that he always associated an E3 event with the name "Skittles." He mimicked the little girl by screaming "SKITTLES!" very loudly into the mic. Britt did the same, and now it is a We're Alive tradition to do scream that when Skittles is mentioned. Here is a link to the video that Greg was talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEXqmvKfzEA
  • Pete - Greg was the voice of the infamous Pete. The man who was giving out free water at The Colony. That's why Pete is so highly praised on WND, because Greg is Pete! This was first discussed in episode 3, when they were discussing We're Alive 18-2.
  • Greg's Hate of Children - Greg has publicized pretty well that he doesn't want kids. It all started when Hope entered the show. Greg is not a fan of the character or the voice acting, and would wish death upon the poor blind girl. Hence, the beginning of a series of jokes against blind people and children.
  • Costco - It is Britt's zombie apocalypse plan. She wants to move into Costco as soon as the zombies hit. Greg thinks thought this plan ridiculous and has proceeded to bash on her plan since it was mentioned. They even asked the fans to send in their input of Britt's plan.
  • Greg's Z-Day Plan - At the same time of the Costco mentioning, Greg told his plan. Hide up in his apartment, and see if it all passes. If it does not, he will jump out of his window with his dog, killing them both.
  • Flora Dora - Greg is also a host of the podcast BEYOND! The Flora Dora is the official drink of that podcast. Greg mentioned that in an early of episode and they've been searching for an official drink of WND since. Send in your suggestions!

Things to Know about the Hosts

  • She is the hostess of WND.
  • She has a super secret government job.
  • She is a hardcore gamer and has an awesome woman cave full of gaming collectibles to go with it.
  • She is also the hostess of the podcast "n00bketeers."
  • She has a website full of video game news and her interesting life happenings. BlondeNerd.com

  • Current host of WND
  • Worked in theater until recently as a Stage Manager/Production Manager
  • Currently sells lighting gear to the entertainment world
  • Renowned for his extreme dislike of Angel, he has been known to laugh maniacally or giggle like an idiot when bad things happen to his least favorite character.
  • Has a firm belief that Datu can fix anything with a wad of gum, shreds of chewing tobacco, a piece of duct tape, and the fur off an elk.


  • He is the Host Emeritus of WND.
  • He is a gaming journalist for IGN.
  • He is hardcore gamer.
  • He is also the hosts of the podcasts: Game Scoop, BEYOND!, and Knocking Boots.
  • He is sarcastically humourous.


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