Goldrush CoverGoldrush Cover


We're Alive: Goldrush is a tale of zombies, gold, romance, and more zombies. In this Wayland Productions mini-series, we take a look at the Ft. Irwin soldiers (Puck, Carl, Robbins, and Muldoon) in their epic tale to find a secret treasure. Set 17 years after the end of the Story of Survival, General Puck retells this expedition to Robbins' son, Alex. We take a closer look at the lives of the soldiers, their relationships, and their remarkable wit and humor that made them such a staple of the WA universe. But when trust breaks apart, and people get hurt, who will be lucky enough to say "we're alive"?



The Soldiers:
The Atlas:
  • Anita performed by: Brenna Otts
  • Gloria performed by: Christy Carlson Romano
  • Rhonda performed by: Erin Breen

Outpost 16:
The Empty Lot:
The Colony:


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