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We're Alive: Lockdown is a tale told from the inside of the devil's workshop itself; the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Following a group of convicts trapped in the transportation block of the jail, we see that being on the inside is just as horrific as being on the outside. Sacrifices and daring missions must be undertaken in order to escape. This Wayland Productions mini-series takes a new perspective towards the We're Alive universe, turning the attention away from the why and placing it on the how. But when trust between the guards and inmates forms conflicts, and certain sacrifices must be taken for the good of the group, who will be lucky enough to say "we're alive"?


[top]Characters of Lockdown:


Additional Voices:
  • Rio Magdaleno
  • Charlie Magdaleno
  • Chris Arnold
  • Greg Miller
  • Adam Young
  • Kc Wayland
  • Grayson Stone
  • Daniel Berkov Hopkins
  • Wendy Lucas
  • Phil Nieto
  • Marcos Classen
  • Katherine Eaton
  • Ryan Smith
  • Joanie Hadley
  • Joshua Keyser


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