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    Quote Originally Posted by Wicked Sid View Post
    Based on how quickly the normals were able to metabolize the crude, diluted, and contaminated chloroform that Michael synthesized, a tranquilizer would basically be useless.

    A lethal dose of Chloroform can be as low as 10 mL for an average adult. A tranq dart, on the other hand, usually carries a higher amount, 150-200mL, of select concentration solution for delivery to render the target unconscious. I doubt that they'd have someone on hand for the synthesis and preparation of any tranquilizer solution, let alone a concentration that would be capable of bringing down anything (Maybe horse-strength) close to TOWTM's caliber for any amount of time greater than a minute.

    The skin of the 'Used to be Little but are now Big Ones' are quite resistant to blunt impacts, bullets bouncing off and such. With certain reasoning, one would assume that the force needed to carry an arrow through that very same skin would be much greater than Riley would be able to provide. And to transfer that, or a smaller but much more well placed (ex. the eye), force through the barrier with the precision to hit a moving target would be beyond the capabilities of an unassisted archer with a competition-grade bow.

    Vic's solution would be restricted to killshots-only and would need to be delivered under basically suicide circumstances (You miss once, you die), as it was intended as a 'cyanide capsule' final option. Supplies are limited and it is not guaranteed to work every time. Hell, TOWTM could be conditioning the surviving members of his hit-squad against it, using normies and behemoths as test subjects*.

    *Note: Utilizing test subjects does not connotate Franken-zombies as those are impossible no matter the origin.
    I think the conclusion here is obvious:
    - we need Little One leather onesies for our survivors.
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    Thanks NikVoodoo for reading my post about Glen working with Scratch. I accept your reasoning for now. By the way the handle is pronounced "trub" as in trouble, and "kir" as in kirk. It's such a clever mix up of my real name that even nsa supercomputers are working out how to decode it.
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