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  1. Hawaii
  2. A Musical Episode?!?!
  3. Have you noticed this?
  4. Where is everyone?
  5. So where's the internet?
  6. CB direction problem?
  7. Some Questions
  8. What do you think is happening around the world in We're Alive?
  9. The Phillipines
  10. The Map
  11. Where are the police?...
  12. Flower Ad from Chapter 20-2
  13. (April Fools Day Joke) We're Alive Entire Story Outline Revealed!!!
  14. Map Locations
  15. Bioshock connection...
  16. rattenkrieg
  17. Military and Government
  18. Red Alert... This is not a drill... Red Alert...
  19. US Army Zombie Combat Command
  20. meurtrière!
  21. What Should the Government Do During an Outbreak?
  22. Back to the way things were? Or...
  23. question
  24. Who would you rather see RUIN "WA"- Hollywood or TV?
  25. combat fatigue
  26. a theory about theories
  27. Mosquitos...
  28. What if WA was set in a place with pre-established groups fueled by ideologies?
  29. why not move WA to WA? lol i mean washington state
  30. Road Clearence: Are they ever going to do anything about it?
  31. Pantex: The Place Where Kimmet Was
  32. More Satellite Installations: New Mexico Tech
  33. Fort Irwin & Colonel Kimmet... something doesn't wash
  34. CBRN Suits
  35. Turning and Turners
  36. How the Zombies Got to Hawaii
  37. Boulder... why Boulder?
  38. How do you put a whole country on stand-by?
  39. Is religion not important in We're Alive?
  40. How did everything start?
  41. Annoying character accents
  42. Speculation: How long would it have taken....
  43. What are they fighting for?
  44. Gay Marriage!!!
  45. Global Situation at Large and the Implications of Weather.
  46. Who failed?
  47. Not really a theory but...
  48. Is Battle: Los Angeles a WA Rip-Off?
  49. The MAP
  50. Cracks
  51. The Colony's Power Problems
  52. Drugs / pharmaceuticals used
  53. It's not over!