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    Episode Title Anaylisis.

    This is a episode title analysis of season 1, 2, and 3.
    I'll theorize the episode titles meanings.
    I will do season 4 soon after it ends.
    If you have any ideas you can post it yourself.

    Season 1

    Episode:1-it Begins: an obvious reference to the beginning of the outbreak, and the story beginning.
    Episode:2-The Two Things: could be a reference to pegs and Riley, Micheal and angels love interest.
    Episode:3-The New Arrivals: there are two theories i have. The obvious reference to the survivors to the tower or the zombies attacking and entering the tower.
    Episode:4- Rules And Regulations: could be reference to Micheal's rules or the rules of survival. In the zombie world.
    Episode:5-Lady And The Tink: Saul and his dog or Lizzy and Saul.
    Episode:6-The Remains Of Eastern Bay: a reference to the location they are at, eastern bay.
    Episode:7-Blood Sweat And Fears: the work they did in the sweat shop.
    Episode:8-Where Do You Go When You Sleep: this one is unclear.
    Episode:9-The Road To Living Death: a reference to the group going to the zombie base. Zombies are living death.
    Episode:10-Purgatory: the room they are trapped in is purgatory. Purgatory is a religious place where souls are judged before going to heaven or hell. They wait in the room while the zombies jude weather they live or die.
    Episode:11-R&R: a reference to the party they have.
    Episode:12-The War: an obvious reference to the war between the maulers and the tower group.

    Season 2

    Episode:13- separate dying embers: the burning tower and the separate part references that the tower group is scattered.
    Episode:14- out of the ashes: them surviving the war
    Episode:15- Desperate Times: the need for a doctor.
    Episode:16- Over The Air Waves: the reference to the radio shat they heard. If you don't know air waves are another meaning for radio waves.
    Episode:17- There Might Be Others: more zombies(the little ones) whoever stole the guns.
    Episode:18- No Place Like Home: a reference to the highly fortified colony.
    Episode:19- The Catalyst: Micheal is the catalyst that starts the shit hitting the fan at the colony. A catalyst is a thing that speeds up a chemical reaction.
    Episode:20- About Last Night: a reference to the events of Lizzy’s eviction.
    Episode:21- Mark Of The Beast: the mark of the little ones.
    Episode:22- Our Doubts Are Traitors: everyone has doubts about pippin.
    Episode:23- The Devils Workshop: the mental ward in the hospital which i theorize is the place where little ones are made.
    Episode:24- The Hard They Fall: the tower being destroyed.

    Season 3

    Episode:25- Inadequate Strength: This is unclear
    Episode:26- Who Overcomes: The Group Overcoming So Many Hardships.
    Episode:27- The Thirty First: This Is Unclear
    Episode:28- Last Dying Breath: a Reference To Saul And Victor Needing Oxygen Tanks In Ground Zero.
    Episode:29 – Beyond Our Walls: Micheal Learning Of What Happened Across The Globe.
    Episode:30- Short Term Memory: Saul Forgetting Lizzy's Image.
    Episode:31- Family Ties: This has two meanings. First Lizzy and her baby. Second Scratch ad the family.
    Episode:32- Captive Hearts: Saul And Lizzy Being Separated and Cj unable to be with Saul.
    Episode:33- Red Winter: The season is winter and the bloody war they are fighting against the zombies
    Episode:34- It Only Takes One: It only takes one to destroy a city...
    Episode:35- The End Is Near: the end of the season and possibly Cj's life...
    Episode:36- Scorched Earth: the destruction of fort Irwin and how nuclear weapons “scorch the earth”.

    Season 4

    Episode:37- The Balance Of Power: the first idea is the balance of power between Cj and Micheal or the colonists And The old tower group. Or the balance of power between humans and zombies, as Micheal wants to attack them.

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    In relation to Chapter 36, during World War II the Russians used a "scorched earth" policy, which meant that while they were retreating they destroyed anything the Nazis could've used against them, such as food sources, train lines, roads, etc. This is what the humans are doing by destroying Boulder and Fort Irwin, all the resources the zombies would have to use there (namely, the humans to eat or turn), have been destroyed. Just what I think it's referring to.
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    I don't necessarily agree with all of your previous chapter title meanings, but I did have the same thought for 'The Balance of Power'. KC has done a good job titling the chapters to often reference more than one thing. My guess is that it's referencing CJ and Michael as well as humans and zomb...mons...whatever. If I stretch my imagination and confidence a little it could be a balance of power between ole Pinstripes and Randy.

    Nice analysis!
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