I've been a part of many forums around the interwebs and they almost always have sort of introduction section or just a thread.

So I figured we need one too. I shall start with myself...


My name is Jesse, I currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky(I know most people have no idea where that is). I am a Graphic Designer and work on computers in my spare time for extra cash and currently work for a Car and Outdoor publication, and been doing that for going on 4 or so years now. When I'm not working I also enjoy going to the occasional horror film convention if I can afford to do so.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and....just kidding.

I have been a horror film fan for many a years, my uncle gave me my first horror movie Hellraiser on my 5th birthday. It scared the shit out of me and I gave it back to him only to reclaim it years later. Since then it's helped mold me into the weirdo that I am today with a healthy obsession with everything zombie.

I absolutely loved playing Left 4 Dead in my spare time with my girlfriend feet from me fighting alongside me. So if anyone else here enjoys blasting zombies in the face and plays on PC, feel free to message me for my Steam username and we can get a game going.

I also love We're Alive, it's exactly what the zombie genre needed(The Walking Dead included). Well that's all I have to say for now, hope to hear from the rest of you guys on here.