Walkie Talkie

A way for the short wave radio used for comunication over short distances.
Walkie Talkies

Appears in:
  • Chapter 21 as Burt imitates Airplane! with Saul while at LAX.
  • Chapter 22 when Burt uses a striped down Walkie Talkie to make a remote detonating device, and he tries to call Saul just before Saul abandons the group.

General Info:
  • Frequency Type: Short Wave
  • Average Range: anywhere between a couple hundred feet and 35 miles depending on handset.
  • Multiple varieties and styles available to the general population, as well as commercial and military grades
  • Channels of Transmission: Depending on the type of handset, will determine which frequency is used in transmission. There are different band widths for personal, commercial and military and within each of those bands the handsets with the capability to change channels provide more options for transmission.
  • Also known as "Hand-held Transceiver"


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