[top]How did the outbreak start?

  • Happened in islands like Hawaii where they differed from the zombies at the tower.
  • Couldn't have been random as it happened in several different areas all at the same time.
  • The area around Inglewood is known as "Ground Zero" and is thought to be where the outbreak originated.
  • Around Ground Zero people experience difficulty breathing and nausea which could be related to the cause of the outbreak.

[top]How do the zombies decide between turning a human or using them as food?

  • At a store during the first supply run, half of the bodies were human while the other half were infected.
  • A pile of infected bodies were kept outside of the arena.
  • Inside the arena there was a pile of human remains used as food.
  • Riley describes people turning as the result of contact with blood sprayed during an attack--not a decision-making process.

[top]Where was Tommy originally from?

Tommy is originally from the Jefferson Park area of L.A. per the Official We're Alive map.
  • He says Kelly was "babysitting" him and his sister, Lucy (who was turned very soon after the initial outbreak).
  • He says, "None of this would have ever happened if Mom hadn't dumped us with you!", implying that wherever he was from was safe.

[top]What is the deal with the one with markings?

  • This zombie has been seen at 2 convoy ambush sites, the tower twice, the arena, the other tower and the hospital. It is likely but not certain that all these appearances are the same zombie.
  • It can talk (Chapter 11)
  • It can input numbers into a keypad after a few attempts.
  • It can run very quickly
  • It understands the danger of weapons
  • It can catch arrows
  • It seemed to know that Riley was about to shoot at it with the arrow, yet did nothing to try and get them once the shot had been fired
  • Understands when not to risk lives, as it stopped zombies attacking CJ at the other tower
  • Identified as Dr. William (Bill) Roberts aka "Ink" who was convicted of multiple homicides and worked as a pharmaceutical engineer at Raydon Labs.
  • Covered in tattoos, which were made by a cellmate ("Cohen") in days prior to his trial CJ in the other tower.

[top]Why didn't Pegs want to use a gun?

  • Michael says something may have happened with guns in her past, but this is speculation.

[top]Where did the different types of zombie come from?

  • One of the little ones had a tattoo of the number 5 on its hand (Chapter 21)
  • Several characters say that they don't seem like the different types were ever human
  • In 23-3 Kalani and Riley go through Cain Mental Hospital, and there is lots of blood and fingernails on the floor, and a machine that may be used for tattoos.
  • In 39-1 Michael and Puck discover that Randy is carrying chemicals with him, which originate from Raydon Labs. After visiting Raydon in 39-3 they determine that the chemicals were likely the drugs follistatin, somatropin, stanozolol and Aranesp. that may be used for tattoos.

[top]Why did Riley go on the mission to the pumping station and to follow the trackers?

Riley had a crush on Angel and elected to go to be close to him.
  • Riley writes in her journal that she was kicking herself for volunteering, but deep down she knew why she did. (Chapter 8)

[top]Who ran the Pumping Station for so long?

  • When the water stops working, Datu says he is surprised it lasted this long.
  • The blood at the Pumping Station "seemed fresh".
  • The Behemoth was there, why would he be there if it was empty?
  • The Other Tower Folk sent Randy and some others to the Pumping Station, so they could have been running it.

[top]What happened to Michael at the pumping station?

His arm was indeed crushed in a doorway after he met up with Randy as they tried to escape the Water Works. As Randy was attacked and began to change and begged Michael to shoot him, Michael fled.
  • Michael always avoids answering that question which implies he is trying to hide something.
  • Michael says his arm was "crushed in a doorway" (chapter 18, part 2)

[top]How did Skittles survive without being captured by the zombies?


[top]What exactly happened in the Arena?

  • The One with Markings calls other zombies in.
  • Samantha says they "like to play rather than eat right away"
  • Samantha is confirmed to be dead.
  • Samantha says they "cycle through them", but Kalani isn't taken when it is his turn. This is likely because of the drugs he took.
  • In Datu's state of shock, he says "It's a trap".

[top]Where is the other tower located?

  • Presumed to be in Southern L.A. since Sean carried Hope to the Colony.

[top]Were there survivors living on the Yacht?

  • There was a boat hook on board meaning there may have been another smaller boat in tow.

[top]Why was the big one at the Army Reserve Center dying?

It was discovered later that one of the Big Ones had huge cancerous growths. It's possible that this one also had large tumors slowly killing it as well.

[top]What was the slime on the crate of MREs?

  • Could be something to do with the little ones on the roof

[top]Who is Randy and how does Michael know him?

Randy was stationed at the same base as Michael and Saul, although in another unit.
  • In Chapter 19 - 1 Hope says that Michael had been talking in his sleep about someone called Randy.
  • In Chapter 23 - 1 Michael encounters Randy who has been turned and tried to take Tanya alive.
  • In Chapter 27 - Sean from the other Tower sends Randy to the Pumping station

[top]Is Marcus dead?

Answer: Pete and Glenn announce that Marcus is killed by Gatekeeper in Chapter 30 part 2.
  • Victor assumes that he is after the guardians return to their posts.

[top]Why is Lizzy sick?

Answer: Lizzy was sick and throwing up because she is pregnant.
  • Morning sickness from a pregnancy?
  • May or may not be Saul's child, could have gotten pregnant before the outbreak.

[top]Why does Scratch want to keep Lizzy alive?

  • Scratch changes her mind as soon as she finds out that Lizzy is sick.
  • She is used as a bargaining chip for Pegs, but there could be more to this.
  • Scratch is revealed to have been pregnant in the past, which could be a link as she can empathise with Lizzy's condition.

[top]Who does Scratch mean when she says "we still have her"?

Answer: Scratch meant Hannah. This was confirmed when Kalani's hidden journal was read in Chapter 27-2.
  • In Chapter 20-3 Tardust asks "
    what about the other one" to which she replies "we still have her"?
  • Could be reference to Hannah who is Kalani's daughter.

[top]Where did the Durai go with the rest of the Mallers?

Durai went South with the rest of the Mallers and took over the Colony.

[top]How did the Jolly Green Giant get shot?

According to Michael in Chapter 29 Beyond Our Walls Part, while being debrief by the colonel. Kimmet states that the Coast Guard was the first to repond and was shock
This goes unanswered. Presumably Victor's in field experiences would have informed his use of perfumes and colognes to cover his tracks.
  • This goes unanswered. Presumably Victor's in field experiences would have informed his use of perfumes and colognes to cover his tracks.
to see the helicopter back at the fort. Michael clai
ms that they were overrun in LA.

[top]How does Victor know about the zombies smelling them, when Tanya says the colony doesn't know about sweat?

While never officially revealed in the show, it can be presumed that Victor's experiences in the field led him to realize the value of covering his tracks with a pungent aroma like perfume or cologne.

[top]Why does Ground Zero make people feel sick?

  • There are large cracks in the area, and a haze.
  • An air tank can stop people feeling sick.
  • When Saul and Victor go there in 28-3, Saul doesn't feel sick.
  • With the above statement, this could also be due to the genetic mutation, or the immunity that Saul possibly has
  • This could also be explained by the fact Saul has been exposed in the past

[top]Who does Scratch mean when she said she had two members of the tower

Answer: Scratch was talking about Lizzy and the baby
  • Could be a reference to the possibility that Lizzy is pregnant.
  • The Mallers also have Burt and Angel.
  • The only other person it could have been was Hannah and she is presumed dead per Kalani and Durai.

[top]How did Tanya get bit?

Answer: Tanya was bit by the Slow Turner at the Colony and hid it from both the Colony members, and the Tower.
  • Must have happened before MPK arrived at the colony, since she had a bandage then.

[top]Why hasn't Tanya turned?

  • Potential family immunity for unknown reasons. If true, Saul is also immune, and potentia
    lly the unborn baby.
  • might have something to due with the medication both Saul and Tanya took. The meds are for Fungal and bacteria infections....
  • Both Tanya and Saul have elevated levels of keratin-18

[top]How did Burt survive the fall relatively intact?

Answer: After the zip line broke, Burt fell into a tree. He broke his leg falling through the tree and hit the ground hard. He was taken prisoner by the Mallers. The set his leg and it healed properly.

[top]What is CJ's background and why is she so infatuated with the Mallers (aka Prisoners)

  • CJ is presumed to be a member of law enforcement.
  • Would explain access to police materials like radios, SWAT vans, weapons and Maller bio information.
  • Brilliant planner, but lacks in execution of her plans

[top]What is Angel's relationship to the Families?

  • Angel has a family ring.
  • Durai mentions that he was a good friend of Angels father.

[top]What happened to the Chinook that was carrying Captain Long?

Answer: The Chinook crashed approximately 1000 miles away from Long Beach, California and 30 miles from Boulder Colorado. It appears to have been attacked by a grown 'little one' (Inkling) that was hanging onto the helicopter after it landed in Long Beach to retrieve a reconnaissance team. The pilot was killed in the crash. Captain Long was killed and partially eaten. Two soldiers were turned and Pvt Griggs is MIA
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