Los Angeles maintains a large jail complex in dowtown LA, near Union Station. The complex consists of two seperate facilities, located next to one-another, the "Men's Central Jail" and the "Twin Towers Correctional Facility". These are where "celebrity" prisoners are generally held while they are going through trial at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, where the O.J. trial was held. O.J. was housed at the Men's Central Jail.

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  • Blue - Low Threat
  • Tan - General Population
  • Red - Violent Criminal
  • Yellow/Blue - Maybe Med Ward


  • Chapter 41, Part 3 - Puck, Muldoon, Roberts and Carl Thomas head to the Jail to look for clues about Ink
  • Chapter 42, Part 1 - Puck reports back that his group was attacked at the Jail.
  • Chapter 42, Part 2 - Puck is rescued from the loading dock of the Twin Towers Correctional Facility
  • We're Alive: Lockdown

Here's an aerial view of the two jails

Twin Towers Correctional Facility, front gate

Twin Towers Correctional Facility, showing the loading dock area.

Here's a ground view of the Men's Central Jail.


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