Overview Timeline:
Note: Descendants now starts July 2027

TIMELINE: What happened when. Making sense of the order.


This is a rough outline with the events and dates from this thread:
The order may not be exact, and is fan assembled. TRY to give references to episode #-# when possible.


GREEN: Exact Date Mentioned
YELLOW: Date Suggested/ Clues to event date.
RED: Wild Guess

May 8, 2009 - Mentioned in Episode 1-1 by Michael
Outbreak believed to begin
  • Michael arrives at (fictional) Santa Roja College near Disneyland in Orange County, California.
  • Hears explosion.
  • Watches television broadcast that states:
  1. Men and women are attacking each other all around the Los Angeles area and downtown San Diego.
  2. Local law enforcement has not responded.
  3. The "rioting" people are attacking the police.
  • Female student says that the riots shown are taking place about 20 miles from the college
  • According to journals the following events take place:
  1. Around 10:00 a.m. Gardena is hit Tommy estimates this time in Episode 4-2
  2. Around 10:30 a.m. Santa Monica is hit Taken form Journal read by Saul in 4-3
  3. Around 10:30 a.m. Compton is hit Taken form Journal read by Saul in 4-3
  • Michael receives a call from Lieutenant Angel telling him to join his unit at the Army Reserve Center in Bell, CA.
  • After estimating his travel time to be 30 minutes, Michael begins his trip towards the Center along the 5 freeway.
  • Stopped in traffic; Michael turns on his car radio and hears:
  1. The 101 Freeway was completely shut down
  2. The 5 Freeway was closed due to a massive accident out side of Bell in South Los Angeles

May 9 (early a.m.) - Time approximate, Michael could not tell 12 minutes from 12 hours while guarding
  • Lizzy and Todd arrive.
  • Todd is killed.
  • Lobby infiltrated.
  • Michael falls asleep for roughly 24 hours.
  • Saul takes guard duty.
  • Angel relieves him in the morning.

May 10-
  • Michael awakes
  • Apartments searched for supplies.
  • Riley's store established.
  • Lobby Re-Secured.
  • Mr. Whiskers is found.
  • Riley takes guard duty.

May 11-
  • Plans made for Scavenging Mission.
  • Agreed that Michael runs the show.
  • Gun Training for Lizzy, Datu, and Pegs.
  • Pegs begins work on "We're Alive" survivor banner.
  • Pegs kisses Michael, awkward moment.
  • Jeff from CJ's group killed by Maller at convenience store over soda - specified by Chinwe via her files in episode 26-3
  • Saul modifies Humvee and assumes control of Motor Pool (parking garage).
  • Michael takes guard duty.

May 12-
  • Angel and Saul go on 1st Scavenging Mission
  • Lizzie finds TiVo: Bill "Ink" Roberts and news broadcast
  • Saul and Angel find raided convenience store with dead "Normals" (possibly from CJ's tower [26-3])
  • The New Arrivals find Tower, including Kelly and Tommy
  • Lizzie negotiates with Bill for roof access for garden
  • Pegs triggers "The Flower Pot Overrun"
  • Saul finds and rescues Burt in raided Locked-n-Loaded gun store
  • Large generator and gun cache accessed
  • Saul, Angel, and Burt camp out on top of gun store
  • Michael and Lizzie set out to find Saul and Angel
  • First "smart one" encountered.

May 13-
  • Saul, Angel, and Burt meet up with Lizzie and Michael
  • Tower Re-Secured
  • Tommy sets up lobby camera
  • Tower Rules established
  • More department heads appointed:
  1. Riley in charge of food and supplies
  2. Lizzie in charge of water
  3. Datu in charge of Power
  4. Burt in charge of Armory
  5. Angel & Michael handle safety, personnel, and intel

May 14-
  • Jobs Implemented
  • Bill gets a non-zombie type infection
  • Tommy sets up external cameras
  • mandatory journals implemented

Early June?-
  • CJ's large convoy gets ambushed
  • CJ's small convoy disappears
  • Shaun's team empty Reserve Base armory
  • Kalani, Hannah, Pippin, and others crash land at LAX
  • Kalani, Hannah, Pippin rescued by Latch and Scratch
  • Kalani, Hannah, Pippin taken to Mallers Mall while it is still being fortified
  • Scratch holds Hannah hostage
  • Kalani returned to crash site
  • Shaun takes Kalani back to CJ's tower
  • CJ deploys tech team to Water Pumping Station, including Randy
  • Kalani assists Duncan in fortifying CJ's tower

Early-Mid June? (three days later)- raining
  • CJ's Tower overrun
  • Kalani captured
  • Chinwe survives in bowels of her tower
  • Pinstripes heard speaking
  • Hope, Shaun, James escape to Colony
  • Duncan's persona Skittles is born

  • Kalani wakes up
  • Martin offers naive Kalani drugs
  • Samantha captured and taken to Arena
  • failed rescue attempt executed by Samantha's friends at the Arena

June 25-raining, Michael says "a few days later" after implementing the journals in episode 4-3, however the following events seem to take place roughly four days prior to Riley specifying June 29th as the day of the sweat bottle test [see June 29]
  • journals read by Angel, Saul, and Michael
  • Power goes out permanently
  • Fuel depot mission planned
  • Saul, Lizzy, and Burt deployed for Fuel depot mission
  • Kelly's failed "mutiny"
  • Fuel depot team discovers convoy ambush
  • Fuel depot team encounters Pinstripes and Runners
  • Detour to Sauls to pick up Lady
  • Eastern Bay drive-by
  • Refueling Station Incident

June 26th-
  • Datu installs automatic gate - In Episode 8-2 Datu states that a week prior to leaving for the water works mission he installed automatic gates
  • Burt and Lizzy save Saul and Lady from the hybrid
  • First encounter with Latch and Scratch
  • Saul tails the Mallers and spends the night outside
  • Burt and Lizzie return to the Tower
  • Tommy sets up radio in Tower
  • Bodies removed overnight

June 27th-
  • Scratch and Latch execute a Maller
  • Saul attacked
  • Generator up and running
  • Saul Returns
  • Angel forms "scent theory"
  • Sweat Experiment planned

June 28th-
  • Exercise room created
  • sweat collected in jars
  • zip line set up
  • Scent Theory confirmed
  • Angel on Guard Duty
  • Hive Theory formed
  • Tagging Mission planned

June 29th- Riley provides the specific date in Episode 8-1
  • morning spent filling sweat jars again
  • Saul and a team scavenge for locators and radios
  • mid afternoon tagging mission executed
  • Lizzy knocked out
  • Saul stays with Lizzy for a bit
  • 10:00 p.m. Riley and Lizzie drink a bottle
  • Kelly falls asleep on guard duty
  • 11:00 p.m. Latch and Scratch arrive
  • Angel uncharacteristically suggests killing them
  • Scratch seems to recognize Angel
  • Michael rejects Mallers offer to "unite"
  • Michael and Riley take guard duty
  • Riley tells Michael canned goods will only last 2 years (likely takes place after midnight)

June 30-
  • Water stops working
  • Riley, Angel, Datu, and Michael leave for Scavenging/Locator Retrieval/Water Works Mission
  • Zombie Cindy's body missing from grave
  • Team encounters Behemoth at water pumping station
  • Michael goes missing, but Team RAD continues on
  • Tommy and Burt set up trip wire around tower - Burt states this in Episode 11-1, saying they did this after mission team left
  • Riley obtains a bow and arrows
  • Angel finds a shotgun
  • Skittles encountered for the 1st time
  • Skittles warns Team RAD about the Arena and The Colored One
  • Datu captured. Thrown in "prison" with Samantha and Kalani
  • Angel and Riley hold out for the night in a meat freezer

July 1st
  • Angel and Riley use wine to mask thier scent
  • location of zombie corpses determined; the Arena
  • Angel and Riley fail to save a zombie victim's life and enter the arena
  • Angel and Riley hide in a pile of human remains
  • Samantha reads some of Datu's journal

July 2nd?-
  • Samantha discusses the other tower
  • Datu uses chair leg to begin tunneling an escape
  • Samantha kisses Datu
  • late afternoon? Datu sees the one with Markings
  • Zombies take Samantha to be killed
  • Angel and Riley come out of hiding, wash up & clean weapons

July 3rd-
  • early a.m.? Angel and Riley resume search of Datu
  • dawn Datu and Kalani are rescued by Angel and Riley
  • Riley's shop at Tower is robbed - Pegs states this occured the morning Michaels rescue team left in Episode 11-1
  • Riley tags a behemoth in the eye with an arrow
  • Saul, Burt, and newly returned Michael save the team
  • Michael has a broken arm
  • Samantha's final notes read; her daughter named, Hope
  • Paul found dead
  • Pinstripes encountered
  • Armory discovered robbed
  • Kalani tells his back story, mentions ground zero, CJ, and other tower
  • Angel show Kalani how to perform guard duty
  • Armory padlocked
  • Tommy accused of being shop thief
  • Michael (gets schooled by a florist), he and Pegs plan a day off
  • Tower votes for 4th of July Party
  • Kalani gathers intel/discovers Bill with stolen goods
  • Kalani blackmails Bill into providing him with a gun
  • Kalani relieves Kelly of Guard Duty/contacts Mallers
  • The events of July 1- 3 are somewhat confused. Datu obviously is captured the evening of June 30 (This date follows the dating set by Riley's journal in 8-1). Therefore, the events of Angel and Riley entering the Arena and looking for him take place on July 1. However, It is revealed by Pegs in 11-3 that they spend July 3 searching the apartments for the stolen goods and interviewing Kalani. This causes a bit of a continuity issue. Either Angel and Riley's search for Datu took far longer than it seemed, or we simply had a day disappear.

July 4- Pegs mentions this date as a reason to celebrate in 11-3
  • Kalani on Guard Duty
  • Burt takes guard for the Party
  • Bill fully recovered from infection, joins party
  • Burt joins the party
  • Tommy takes guard duty

July 5th-Burt mentions July 5th as the aftermath of the war in Episode 14-1
  • party continues
  • Kelly and Kalani dance
  • Pegs confesses she likes Michael
  • Mallers arrive, including leader Durai
  • traitor is confirmed
  • Kalani fires the shots that jump start The War
  • Tower members throw furniture
  • Ryan killed?
  • Parking garage gate defended
  • furniture set ablaze, defending North Side
  • Mallers briefly infiltrate using ladders
  • Bill joins the fight
  • 1st pipe bomb used
  • Bill killed in explosion, Tommy wounded
  • Mallers invade 2nd floor en mass
  • Michael knocked out by pipe bomb explosion
  • Pegs shoots and kills Latch
  • Mallers intend to employ fire engine
  • Michael orders use of sweat jars
  • Zombie horde approaches
  • Scratch uses Molotov inside Tower
  • Michael and Pegs separated from others by fire
  • 2nd floor sealed off to suffocate fire
  • Jumper infiltrates tower
  • Michael and Pegs use elevator shaft to reach others
  • Tommy turns
  • Burt shoots Z-Tommy, hits Saul
  • Z-Tommy destroys stairwell door, fire spreads
  • Burt plans to go alone
  • Michael and Lizzie hold off fire with Reserve water
  • Burt and Datu find stolen ammo in Bill's apt.
  • Plan to use fire truck enacted by Riley, Angel, and Burt
  • water hose used to put out fire
  • special zombie seen commanding horde
  • zombie's retreat
  • Tommy's remains found
  • Michael cracks to pressure of leadership
  • Burt assumes leadership
  • Tower secured and fortified again
  • Kelly and a team head to the hardware store for supplies
  • bullet extracted from Saul
  • funeral held for Bill Norris, Ryan Brown, Tommy Pick, Samantha, Paul Baily, Todd Fischer, and Cindy Benson

Between July 5th and July 19th- Pegs plagued with nightmares, Saul given antibiotics but remains sick, Carley fails to go it alone and is killed

July 21st- Riley and a team attempt to brave the hospital but find it too dangerous - Kalani mentions this occurs two days prior from the assumed date of July 24th in episode 15-1

July 24-in Episode 16-1 Kelly states the date July 25th, the following events take place the day before that
  • early a.m., Simon Killed
  • dawn, Pegs declares the garden a lost cause
  • Plan to find Saul a doctor proposed
  • Michael reveals his arm to be in bad shape
  • early afternoon, MPK head south
  • Angel and Saul brainstorm MRE mission
  • sunset, MPK rest in a beach house
  • evening, Michael and Pegs "define" thier relationship
Kelly Mentions Two Weeks Later

July 25-Kelly mentions this date in 16-1
  • Kelly radios Burt
  • teams are using bird based related call signs
  • Pegs has another nightmare
  • Pegs radios Angel, asks him to return Latch's body to Mallers
  • MPK bathe on the beach
  • Micahael and Pegs board yacht, braodcast on Coast Guard channels, get swarmed by Zombies, crash yacht
  • Pegs gets owie on her foot
  • MPK flee south in car, stop to grab clothes
  • MPK meet Victor far to the South
  • large zombie wave passes by while they hide
  • same wave attacks Shaun's group, assumed none survive

July 26th-
  • 7:00 a.m., MPK wake up in Victor's safe house (outpost 1)
  • MPK led by Victor arrive at colony a couple of hours later and encounter Gatekeeper
  • Hope, Samantha's daughter, introduced
  • Dr. Tanya stitches Pegs foot and resets Michael's broken arm
  • Victor shows Kelly and Pegs their house
  • Hope warns Pegs and Kelly the Colony is sinister

Between July 26th and July 29th- Angel retrieves Latch's body from burned corpses, Lizzy and Riley find a bottled water truck for the Tower, and Burt's Locked-n-Loaded safe is emptied

July 29th-date assumed from Angel saying he had just returned from a dangerous mission in Episode 20-1
  • morning, Angel and Kalani set out on MRE mission
  • team AK detours to fueld depot to deliver Latch's body
  • noon, Kalani and Angel arrive at Reserve Base
  • nearly dead Behemoth encountered and finished off
  • AK load up MREs
  • armory found empty
  • Little Ones encountered
  • another Behemoth arrives
  • truck gets flat tire
  • Skittles arrives, helps team AK hide in water tower
  • Skittles offers information about Zombie types
  • after AK wake from a nap, they successfully carry out a plan to crush a Behemoth under restaurant
  • Angel cut up jumping through window
  • Skittles fixes truck tire
  • AK escape from "Arrowhead" Behemoth with MREs in truck

July 30th-Date assumed from Tanya stating in Episode 19-1 that Michael was out for four days after his surgery (see July 26th)
Events At Tower:
  • early a.m., Parking garage attacked by biters
  • Lizzie asleep on guard duty
  • Burt reprimands Lizzie, Steven incites mutiny
  • Lizzie voluntarily leaves, pretends it was Burt's order
  • mid-afternoon, Burt sets out looking for Lizzy - mentioned by Burt in Episode 20-1
Events At Colony:
  • Michael wakes up with a pink cast on his arm
  • Hope tells her story
  • Marcus interviews Michael and offers #2 position
  • Michael meets Pegs at Liberty Park
  • Bixby cattle prods Pegs
  • Michael takes a shovel to Bixby's face
  • Michael meets Victor at the Broken Arrow
  • Gatekeeper and Michael exchange words
  • Victor and Michael make a broadcast in the Tower's Direction
  • Bixby a.k.a. Shovel Face escorts Michael and Victor to Marcus
  • Markus jails Michael for making broadcast
  • evening, Pegs over hears Gatekeeper and Bixby plotting coup to over throw Marcus
  • Pegs asks Amy to taker her to Marcus
  • Amy locks up Pegs
  • Kelly and Victor go looking for Pegs
  • After freeing Pegs, the coup begins, and the three raid the weapons cache
  • Pegs, Kelly, and Victor free Michael, pick up Tanya, and Hope
  • The entire group escapes the Colony

July 31st-
  • early a.m., Michael, Pegs, Kelly, Victor, Tanya, and Hope arrive back at the Tower
  • Datu meets Hope
  • Angel informs Michael Lizzie was kicked out
  • Michael reads Datu's log
  • Burt returns
  • Michael re-assumes command
  • Lizzie starts audio journal
  • team of unknowns sent out to look for Lizzie
  • Lizzy captured by Tardust and Bricks (Mallers)
  • Burt and Angel debrief Michael
  • Saul reveals Tanya is his mother and a Veterinarian
  • Tanya administers meds and sets up picc line on Saul
  • Tardust attempts to rape Lizzy at furniture store
  • Scratch arrives, orders Tardust and Bricks to take Lizzy to rendezvous point
  • Saul finds out Lizzy is missing
  • Michael and Angel brainstorm getting to Ft. Irwin
  • Michael okays Burt and Saul to go look for Lizzy
  • Scratch drops Pippin off near Tower
  • Saul and Burt pick up Lizzy's trail at furniture store
  • Tower group learns Mallers vacated the strip mall
  • Maller convoy to Arena gets attacked
  • Little Ones encountered, tattooed arm studied
  • Michael and Kalani discuss using helicopters to get to Ft. Irwin
  • Pippin arrives
  • Maller convoy bombs Arena
  • Burt and Saul arrive at LAX and find Jolly Green Giant
  • Datu sets up audio on security surveillance
  • Pippin interrogated
  • Michael pulls guard duty
  • Burt and Saul sleep in a plane
  • Kelly relieves Michael on Guard duty

August 1st-
  • Angel and Hope relieve Kelly from Guard Duty
  • Jacob and James continue search for another Helicopter
  • Burt tests remote explosive
  • Tanya scanning journals
  • Kalani cuts Armory alarm
  • Kalani murders Pippin
  • Michael and Angel decide to have Lewis take the blame
  • Datu and Kalani arrive at LAX
  • Pegs revealed as other helicopter pilot
  • Victor and Pegs pass near Ground Zero
  • Kalani trains Pegs
  • Jacob and John find other helicopter at Hospital
  • Saul goes AWOL, arrives at arena wreckage and listens to Lizzy's audio journal
  • Kalani, Angel, Riley, and Burt head to the Hospital
  • Michael and Tanya discuss zombies and journals
  • Tanya attacked by zombies, led by Z-Randy
  • Hospital overrun
  • Angel and Burt trapped
  • Kalani and Riley find Pinstripes workshop in hospital bowels
  • Pinstripes encountered by Kalani and Riley
  • Angel and Burt rescued
  • Angel, Kalani, Burt, and Riley reach helicopter atop hospital and escape

August 2nd-beginning of new day assumed as Steven says no zombies seen that morning, and Angel says he "didn't get a chance to talk to Michael this morning" in Chapter 24, date confirmed by Michael in 25-2
  • Saul checks Eastern Bay, contacts Mallers for Pegs/Lizzie exchange
  • Angel dropped off at Tower
  • Burt, Riley, and Kalani head back to LAX
  • Saul arrives at LAX
  • Kalani and Pegs test fly Bell Helicopter
  • Saul, Burt, Riley, Michael, and Victor head to golf course
  • Kalani writes his final journal entries
  • Tower siege begins
  • Golf course exchange SNAFU
  • Michael, Burt and Riley join Kalani, Saul and Victor continue on in Hummer
  • Michael informs Kalani about the Red Head killed on the golf course, Kalani likely assumes this to be Hannah
  • Scratch offers deal to swap her two prisoners for Pegs
  • Kalani and crew arrive at Tower in Bell Helicopter
  • Kalani kamikazes into Maller tanker
  • Scratch threatens to blow up Tower's tanker
  • Saul and Victor arrive and unleash .50 cal Hell
  • Burt kills RPG'er just as he nails the Hummer with rocket
  • Tower's red shirts get over run trying to escape through parking garage
  • Pegs arrives in Jolly Green Giant
  • Angel grabs Kalani's journal, Lady, and Hope
  • all except Burt and Angel make it to the helicopter via zip-line
  • zip-line snaps on Burt
  • Helicopter crew attempt to pick up Angel from Tower rooftop
  • RPG fired at roof
  • Angel rappels down the Tower into a burning tanker (according to Tardust in 29-3)
  • Saul and Victor take refuge in a nearby store
  • Michael, Pegs, Riley, Datu, Kelly, Tanya, Lady, and Hope depart in helicopter
  • Saul and Victor take .50 cal and retreat from pursuing Behemoth
  • Michael and crew are grounded temporarily
  • Riley wakes up and is informed of assumed casualties
  • Scratch recovers "what [she] is looking for"
  • Victor and Saul take refuge in an office building
  • Riley storms off

August 3rd
  • Riley noticed missing
  • Flesh biters arrive at field
  • Riley found and group flees on helicopter
  • Victor and Saul search tower remains
  • Mr. Whiskers found
  • fresh tire tracks and signs of a survivor found
  • Michel and crew arrive at Ft. Irwin
  • Cpl. Puck and Pvt. Carl Thomas introduced
  • Riley taken to base hospital
  • group taken to barracks
  • Michael falls asleep
  • Saul and Victor arrive at secret garden
  • Saul intentionally sets off the alarm
  • several hours later, someone arrives and resets alarm
  • after a scuffle, Chinwe is subdued
  • Chinwe takes Saul and Victor to her tower, keeps location secret
  • Chinwe shares her files, file on Kalani is among them
  • Saul relates what he knows about Kalani
  • Chinwe relates what she knows about Kalani
  • Chinwe shows picture revealing Pinstripes is responsible for her tower being over run
  • Saul and Victor watch CJ's recording of the attack on her tower
  • Saul relates what he knows about zombies
  • Victor and Saul negotiate to stay at CJ's tower
  • CJ stipulates that Saul and Victor must explore Ground Zero

August 4th-Saul states the Ground Zero mission takes place the following morning in 28-2
  • CJ wakes up early and gathers supplies for Ground Zero recon mission
  • CJ drops Saul and Victor off far outside Inglewood with equipment
  • Saul and Victor explore Ground Zero; discover a Haze and large, deep cracks in the ground
  • Victor's air tank runs empty
  • Saul discovered to be able to breathe near Ground Zero

August 5th-Pegs says it has been two days since they arrived in Episode 27-1
  • Riley still in custody of Ft. Irwin military
  • Pegs tries to discuss relationship issues with Michael
  • Tanya finds Kalani's journal
  • Michael and crew read Kalani's journal
  • around 1:00 Tanya refuses to take physical, is taken to the WEED, and sedated
  • Michael leaves barracks to check on Tanya and is stopped by Cpl. Puck, Pvt. Carl, just as Colonel Kimmet arrives
  • Kimmet assigns Michael to command staff, with Puck assigned directly under Michael
  • Michael informs the group of his orders
  • Michael goes through his physical check-up
  • Michael and Puck chit chat on the way to check in with Kimmet
  • Michael meets with Kimmet and reluctantly signs his reinstatement papers
  • Kimmet briefs Michael on the current known situation regarding the outbreak
  1. Various units are running special missions outside Ft. Irwin
  2. Civilians are moved to Boulder Colorado (current pop. 150,000)
  3. Civilians may be trained as soldiers and flown back to post
  4. all branches of military are working together
  5. other bases fell out of contact as they chose not to euthanize infected
  6. Boulder and Ft. Irwin seem to be the only known Safe Zones in the continental U.S.
  7. lost contact with the East coast about a week after the Western coast outbreak
  8. Japan, China, and the Philippines are believed to have thier own "hotspot" of the outbreak
  • Kimmet explains that Michael's group either signs up or ships out
  • Michael attempts to convince his people to stay but only persuades Riley (newly released from observation)
  • Datu mentions a possibility of surgeons at Boulder possibly helping Hope with her eyesight
  • Later, in private, Michael pleads with Pegs to stay. She refuses, and in a manner, dumps Michael

August 6th- Puck states in 29-2 that the flight to Boulder leaves the following day at 11 a.m.
  • Michael and Riley say goodbye to the group, and Datu gives Michael his journal
  • Puck receives a radio transmission stating that Tanya has been discovered to have been bitten

Between Early August and Late November-
  • Mallers arrive at the Colony
  • Scratch interrogates and executes Angel
  • Saul and Victor check out the Colony, however notice no differences that would indicate Maller presence
  • Saul, Victor, and CJ continue to hold up a somewhat uneventful existence at Dunbar Apartments

November 27th - Saul specifies this date in 30-1
  • Saul and Victor harvest eggs at an unspecified location away from Dunbar apartments when they sight a Chinook
  • Saul and Victor search for occupants of the Chinook that appear to have been dropped off
  • Saul and Victor find traces but lose trail of the Chinook team

November 28th through December 2st - Saul and Victor continue their search in the direction of the last known drop point of the Chinook team, but feel the search has gone cold

December 3rd - Saul specifies that these events took place 6 days later, confirmed by Chinook team member. Ft. Irwin events date confirmed by Michael in 33-1
  • Saul and Victor push out towards Long Beach
  • Michael, Cpl. Puck, and a team deploy KODI (Killing Ordnance Deployment Initiative) into hostile territory in Yermo
  • KODI uses sweat bottle, a human dummy, and noise to gather zombies, claymore is then detonated to kill Biters
  • KODI slightly damaged in blast
  • Michael continues personal log confirming date of events
  • evening chow back at Ft. Irwin, Michael and Puck discuss Carl at Boulder, and Michael not communicating with old friends from Tower
  • Riley, the Fort cook, mentions her new meds helping but expresses desire to go out on combat missions
  • Michael visits quarantined Tanya; leaves sample of zombie flesh for her research
  • in L.A., Chinook team use Sat Phone to contact Ft. Irwin and request extraction
  • Little Ones (now very large) arrive to attack Chinook team
  • Gregg Fowler of the Chinook team is KIA
  • Captain Long of Chinook team is severely injured, and the Chinook departs as Saul and Victor arrive
  • at Ft. Irwin, Michael returns to H.Q. to learn Chinook team got attacked
  • Kimmet orders Chinook team to Boulder
  • in L.A., Saul and Victor obtain Fowlers name tape and Unit Patch, they also observe 6'7'' Little One (#12)
  • Saul and Victor hear shots fired and join up with Pete and Glen, refugees from the Colony
  • the group notes that the Little Ones possess superior strength, tough skin, and possibly transmit those traits to their turned victims
  • CJ is radioed via encrypted police channel radios and extraction is requested.
  • through inquiry and conversation Pete reveals that the Mallers took over the Colony in early August, and that Lizzie is alive and pregnant
  • Saul confirms that he could be the father, but also reveals that he believes Lizzy may have been raped
  • Group falls asleep, save for Saul
  • at Ft. Irwin, Michael calls Carl at Boulder and learns the Chinook team never arrived as expected

December 4th - the following morning, Black Hawk events date obtained from Specialist Anthony Robbins in 33-2
  • 6:00 a.m., team scrambled to search for Chinook, team includes Specialist Robbins and Pvt. Carl Thomas
  • Robbins mentions and provides photographic evidence that regular biters freeze in cold weather
  • Black Hawk team finds Chinook wreckage
  • two biters on scene are killed by Robbins using copter side gun
  • study of Chinook reveals claw marks indicating a biter "rode" along
  • Kimmets niece, Cptn. Long, found dead and eaten; foot prints leading away from Chinook lead to Advanced Little One in a tree
  • two Black Hawk team members killed by Advanced Little One before Robbins kills it with copter side gun
  • study of Advanced Little One corpse reveals it to be #2
  • Pvt. Carl SAT phones Michael and informs him of thier findings
  • Robbins proceeds to kill turning soldiers who display characteristics of Advanced Little Ones
  • Kimmet orders corpse of #2 to be burned; Michael secretly orders Carl disregard that order and bag #2 for transport to Ft. Irwin
  • in L.A., CJ radios Saul to prep for pick up
  • Little One killed with head-shots (Roman after having been turned by another Little One)
  • group briefly discusses Little Ones (#'s 5, 6, 9 and 12)
  • CJ interrogates Pete and Glenn and decides to let them stay in a separate Safe House
  • CJ argues returning to the Colony, then preps supplies in a separate room to take Pete and Glenn to the safe house
  • Saul determines fallen soldier's patch came from Ft. Irwin
  • Glen asked to inspect SAT phone; determines it can be repaired using parts from his shop at the Colony
  • CJ is convinced to go to the Colony to retrieve SAT phone parts, and rescue Lizzy
  • Saul and Victor load up for mission to Colony, then drop Pete and Glen off at safe house
  • evening,CJ repacks gear and provides SWAT van/large arsenal of weapons
  • Saul and Victor return and depart with CJ for the Colony
  • night, The team arrives at a police station near the colony
  • CJ uses her Katana to slay biters
  • Inside the police station, CJ bathes topless in front of Saul and Victor

December 5th - the following morning
  • 1st surveillance camera set up

December 6th - Saul refers to this date as "the day after" in 31-3
  • 2nd surveillance camera set up

December 7th - December 13th - time frame established as "roughly a week" by Saul in 31-3
  • Wireless cameras set up - require swapping out ever two days
  • Information collected regarding Maller/Colony Guardian habits and schedules

December 14th - day prior to the Water Truck as a Trojan Horse mission
  • Victor grows impatient with intelligence gathering and surveillance
  • CJ reveals she has a plan; Victor is to infiltrate Colony, attempt to incite rebellion
  • Victor, CJ, Saul discuss using the water truck, a.k.a. Water Dog to sneak Victor into the Colony
  • 6:00 P.M., CJ goes for wet suit and supplies

December 15th - Tuesday (date established by KC Wayland as the day Victor infiltrates Water Truck) Events revolving around Lizzy, Bricks, Scratch, and Burt assumed to take place day before December 16th
  • Scratch escorts Lizzy to her sonogram
  • Durai stops them and Lizzy is dismissed
  • Durai wonders about keeping Burt in order to track Michael and the rest
  • Scratch mentions From Life until Death and "the rules"
  • Scratch returns to Lizzy to witness ultrasound performed by Dentist (Scratch killed the doctor)
  • Ultrasound reveals Lizzy is having a boy
  • Scratch & Lizzy discuss a bit of Scratch's past, revealing Scratch was raped by cousin and how she received her scars
  • Scratch riles herself up and leaves to torture Burt
  • Lizzy questions Bricks as to what Scratch is up to, Bricks grows upset and silences Lizzy
  • Scratch begins to torture Burt; mentions that Burt has been in captive for at least a few months
  • Scratch destroys Shirley and cuts off Burts right hand trigger finger
  • Bricks halts any further torturing and takes one of Scratch's knives; she mentions she always carries a spare
  • Lizzy jots down a few thoughts in her journal
  • Bricks arrives, covered in Burts blood
  • Bricks tells Lizzy about Burt and also about what happened to Angel
  • Lizzy and Bricks brainstorm idea to show Durai the tape of Angel's death
  • Victor sneaks into the Colony via the "Water Dog" truck.
  • water truck's driver Bixby discovers Victor and takes him to meet with a deposed Gatekeeper
  • Gatekeeper informs Victor that he has struggled to overthrow the Maller occupation of the Colony
  • Saul, Victor, and CJ decide to let Gatekeeper and anyone loyal to him to assist with their plans
  • CJ kisses Saul; he rejects her advance
  • Saul determines to get the Colony folk armed and tells Gatekeeper to prep for a coup

December 16th - the following day
  • Victor, Bixby, and Gatekeeper radio Saul and CJ to relay that everyone is in place for the coup.
  • Tardust orders that all Colony members are to meet in Hospital Parking lot
  • Victor informs Saul of the gathering, then sneaks outside to witness the goings-on
  • Victor confirms Lizzy is there
  • Bricks tells Lizzy he gave the tape to Durai
  • Durai, in front of all, says he is going to execute Scratch
  • Scratch turns the table and is able to knife Durai in the chest
  • Civil war breaks out
  • Scratch shoots Bricks, mortally wounding him
  • Victor goes for Lizzy, Gatekeeper & Bixby go for the gate
  • Saul & CJ get in the first gate as Biters arrive as well
  • Victor gets Lizzy out of the firefight
  • Lizzy confirms the baby is Sauls
  • Victor gets Saul on the radio

December 16th 14:00. Timestamp on Autopsy done by Tanya - Incorrect timestamp.
Current Problems include-
Timing of the rescue attempt of Datu at the Arena
CJ's tower attack is a rough estimation.
The events of Lizzy being captured by the Mallers and our Tower searching for her are estimated.

Goldrush Epilogue: Burt's 80th Bday - March 3 - 2027

Descendants Start Date: July 11th - 2027 (1 am is Coal's Attack)
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