The Arena

Angel, Datu, and Riley in the ArenaAngel, Datu, and Riley in the Arena

The Arena following the Mallers AttackThe Arena following the Mallers Attack
General Info: The Arena is a hockey Arena that has become the home to many "zombies".
  • Formally known as the "Southwest Eels" Arena.
  • The center of the arena no longer has ice and has become a pit of death.
  • Has large masses of bodies, dead "zombies" on the outside of the arena, dead humans and animals on the inside.
  • One of the VIP boxes was used to hold Samantha, Kalani, and Datu during Chapter 10.
  • The Mallers lead an assault on the Arena using Tanker Trucks as bombs. Due to an earlier attack, they are not enough trucks present to destroy the whole arena. Saul described it as half way destroyed when he went to the Arena to look for Lizzy.

Appears in:
  • Chapter 10 - After being captured by the zombies, Datu is taken into the arena and locked in a VIP box. Datu meets a woman named Samantha, and there is an unconscious man named Kalani there, who are both trapped too. Datu gets to know Samantha and finds out about some of her experiences. Datu persistently tries to escape their makeshift prison, eventually managing to break some of the plaster board away off of a wall. Before an escape can be made, Samantha is taken off by the zombies and killed where the rink used to be. Meanwhile, Angel and Riley explore the Arena, trying to find Datu. They manage to find and rescue Datu and Kalani, helped to escape by Saul.
  • Chapter 21 - The Mallers lead an assault on the Arena and attack it with Fuel Truck Bombs. Because of a previous ambush, they are unable to fully destroy it, but do some major damage to it.
  • Chapter 23 - Saul looks for Lizzy for any trace of the Mallers at the Arena, finding a recording that Lizzy had made.


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