The TowerThe Tower

[top]General Tower Information

General Info: The Tower is the home of the main characters of We're Alive for Seasons 1 and 2.
  • 15 Floors
  • 2 Elevators
  • 1 Stairwell
  • Rooms of Significance:
    • Basement:
      • Parking Garage

    • 1st Floor:
      • Lobby
      • Door to Parking Garage

    • 2nd Floor: (Destroyed during the War with the Mallers)
      • Riley's Shop
      • The Meeting Room
      • Surveillance/Guard Room
      • Burt's Gun and Ammo Room

    • 14th Floor:
      • Bill's Penthouse

  • Roof:
    • The Garden (Cleared to make room for a helicopter)
    • Drain to The Water Storage Tank which is kept on one of the floors below (likely to be the 12th since Bill had all of the 14th)

[top]Damage Sustained

The Tower has sustained a great deal of damage over the course of the series, ultimately resulting in it's collapse in Chapter 24 - The Harder They Fall
Season 1
  • The Tower Lobby was attacked by zombies and its security destroyed.
  • During The War with the Mallers, parts of the Tower were destroyed by pipe bombs. Entire floors were set on fire when Scratch broke a Molotov Cocktail inside the building.

Season 2
  • The portion of the Mallers returned to the Tower in Chapter 24 with the intention of destroying the tower. Using a RPGs, and a Tanker Bomb the Mallers were able to destabilize the Tower enough to cause it's collapse with many of the Tower residents still inside.

[top]Former Occupants

Currently Alive:
  1. Datu (Escaped in the helicopter)
  2. Hope (Escaped in the helicopter)
  3. Kelly (Escaped in the helicopter)
  4. Michael (Escaped in the helicopter)
  5. Pegs (Escaped in the helicopter)
  6. Riley (Escaped in the helicopter)
  7. Tanya (Escaped in the helicopter)
  8. Saul (Went in search of Lizzy)
  9. Victor (Went in search of Lizzy)
  10. Burt (Chaptured by The Mallers)
  11. Lizzy (Chaptured by The Mallers)

Currently Presumed Dead:
  1. Steven
  2. Lewis Braf
  3. Jakob Jensen
  4. James Oliver
  5. Mary Brown
  6. Leopold Emerson
  7. Catherine Wilkes
  8. Karl Ware
  9. Hanna Mangan
  10. Takashi Miyake
  11. Jose Andermon
  12. Maggie Brown
  13. Kim Slice

Currently Dead:
  1. Angel
  2. Bill
  3. Carley Dehert
  4. Kalani
  5. Paul Bailey
  6. Pippin
  7. Ryan Brown
  8. Simon Meir
  9. Tommy

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