The Other Tower

Dunbar Apartments

"The Other Tower" is located in Los Angeles, just like the Tower the main characters have occupied from the start of the show.
The real name is "Dunbar Apartments". The apartment building is modeled after a real location in LA, but the name is fictitious.

Little is known about it, except that it had been infiltrated and destroyed by the Zombies. Throughout the story, more information becomes available as the main characters meet some of it's (ex-)residents.

Known Occupants:
  • Kalani: Stated that things were already going downhill by the time he arrived. Was taken to the arena shortly before Samantha and saved by the group of Angel, Riley, Michael, Burt, and Saul
  • Samantha: Escaped during the infiltration of the tower, leaving behind her daughter, Hope.
  • Hope: Samantha's daughter, became blind after jumping out a third story window to escape.
  • Sean: Went to colony with Hope and James.
  • James: Whilst escaping he was hurt, and died from infection.
  • CJ: (AKA Chinwe) leader of the tower, female.
  • Skittles was an occupant of the Other Tower. His real name is Duncan.
  • Randy was a tech at the Tower. CJ discusses sending him to the Water Works when the taps run dry. There is no confirmation that this is the Randy that Michael references.

  • It is unstated where The Other Tower is located in relation to the rest of the locations explored.
  • Kalani and Samantha both mention that it was well fortified and secured, but the zombies still infiltrated and wiped out the tower.
  • Kalani comments that The Tower residents were lucky so far since their building is less secure than The Other Tower which had cemented windows on the first three floors.
  • Organized trips were made to what the occupants named "Ground Zero" where they believe the outbreak first began. They discovered information of interest about the zombies through various scouting missions. The scouts reported feeling nauseated as they got closer to the center.
  • One convoy en route to Ground Zero was destroyed killing at least 20 of their best men. Demoralized by the events, other survivors deserted the tower and searched for a safer place to live.
  • Kalani suggests that the same zombie (the One with Markings) that infiltrated the Other Tower was the same one who got into the Tower in Chapter 11-1 ("He gets around.")
  • In Chapter 17-2, Skittles says he recognizes Kalani, but Kalani doesn't seem to recognize Skittles.

Associated Places:
  • The Garden, that CJ Met Saul and Victor is based off of 8th and Grand. In reality, that place is W. 8th Street, and South Grand View Street. It was shortened for story purposes.

  • Unexplored
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