Smart Ones
NameSmart Ones
Skittles' NicknameBrain
Other NicknamesNone
First appearanceChapter 3
DepartureStill Present in W.A.
Sighted AtLocked and Loaded, Tower, Arena, Hospital, and more
Special AbilitiesIntelligent, capable of setting traps, stockpile food, create fires and more

[top]Zombie Information and Background

These are the class of zombies that set We're Alive apart from the rest of the zombie lore. Smart ones are capable of setting traps, recognizing when they are in danger, and are not ruled by their instincts to consume all their victims as they catch them. Smart Ones actually stockpile food as was seen in the Arena in Chapter 10. They also separated the piles of bodies they have between humans they used for food, and dead compatriots they left outside.

Smart Ones potentially retain the ability to speak and understand language. It is definitely a skill for The One With the Markings, and there is evidence it applies to other Smart Ones it cannot be confirmed at this time. While their understanding of spoken language is debated, there is no debate that Smart Ones communicate. Using a series of growls, and howls they can communicate with Regulars and other Smart Ones.

As theorized by Burt, Smart Ones are around because "the smarter you are in life, the smarter you are in death." This assumption is supported by Skittles who tells Angel and Kalani to stay away from places where smart people would naturally be located (hospitals, libraries etc).

There seems to be the basic need for creature comforts displayed by the Smart Ones. They chose the Arena as their home where they have stockpiled food and created fires to stay warm.


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