Shotguns used by survivors in the story. A shotgun has made an appearance twice.
Winchester Ranger Model 120 12 gauge pump action

Bills shotgun

Bill uses a Winchester Ranger Model 120 12 gauge pump action.

The Winchester Ranger Model 120 is a cheaper varient of the 1200. The chief difference is that the 120 was made with a hardwood stock and pump. It was manufactured for only 2 years, 1986 and 1987, and was available in 12, 16, and 20 gauge models. Designed as an entry level shotgun and aimed primarily at sales to law enforcement and military, the majority of the 5,000 manufactured made their way to the civilian market. They are considered collectible and extremely valuable, depending on condition, due to how rare they are.

  • Chapter 2 - Bill shoots at the survivors when trying to clear the building.
  • Chapter 4 - Burt shoots the shotgun with Shirley to stop Bill pointing the gun at him.
  • Chapter 12 - When Bill comes to help fight the Mallers, he brings it with him, saying that Burt repaired it. Bill doesn't fire a shot before he dies. Burt takes the stogun off him once Bill passes. Saul uses the shotgun to keep the Mallers at bay as they retreat up to the third floor. Saul then empties the shotgun, using it as a distraction for Burt to climb down to the second floor and take out the Mallers on the second floor.

Shotgun found in store
  • Chapter 8 - Angel finds it in the 'Mom and Pop' store. When Datu falls into the trap, he uses up all his ammo, and presumably drops it.

Shotgun at the Colony
  • Chapter 36 - Burt acquires a shotgun, of unknown type, and joins the battle against the Zombies.
  • Chapter 37 - Burt begins the chapter still carrying the shotgun.

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