Security Cameras

A normal video camera, that was modified by Tommy to provide a method of viewing outside the tower without having to send patrols.

  • Chapter 4 - Tommy modifies the first camera and puts a bracket on it so it can be mounted on a wall. He wires it through the hole in the roof, so that the lobby can be watched from the second floor. Datu puts it on the wall.
  • Chapter 7 - Lizzy records the experiment with sweat on an unmodified camera.
  • Chapter 12 - Durai takes out 3 of the cameras on the front of the tower, and gives the order to take out 3 more round the back, leaving the tower blind. In the confusion Tommy puts up 2 more cameras, so he can still watch what is happening.
  • Chapter 22 - Datu puts microphones around the outside of the tower as an extra form of protection, so that Hope can help out too.
  • Chapter 24 - Angel says that Datu hid the cameras and that the RPG shots only took out one camera.

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