Portrayed byMike McGill
First appearanceChapter 18 - No Place Like Home
Final appearanceChapter 18 - No Place Like Home
ResidenceThe Other Tower, The Colony




  • Tanya says that Sean was "fair".
  • Victor says that when Sean was promoted, there were fewer beatings and it felt less like slave labor.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • After escaping the other tower, Sean came to the Colony with Hope.
  • Shortly before Michael, Kelly and Pegs arrive at the Colony, Sean and his team were killed.
  • Was on a mission for indoor plumbing with 12 people when a wave of zombies attacked. None survived.
  • Whilst in private, Gatekeeper claimed to have taken out Sean, presumably so that he could take Sean's position. It is unclear how he did so.


No spoken lines.

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