Scott Marvin
Scott Marvin
BirthdayNovember 22, 1964
HometownGrand Ledge, Michigan (outside Lansing – the Capital); Current city: Huntington Beach, CA
Cast StatusActive
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Twitter Defined as– What happens to my nethers every time I see Jessica Alba. (Gurgle)
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Proud single-parent of three fine, strapping lads, Nicolai, Maxwell and Roman. Regarding himself, he hatched under a heat lamp by two fine parents Bud and Carol Marvin across from a corn-field in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Three sisters. No brothers. With no other boys around, his best friends were books, radio, music album collecting, three-channels of television stations featuring Saturday morning cartoons and cheesy television programs. As adolescence set in and Scott's voice changed, he began imitating voices, drawing caricatures, and reading comic books (largely Marvel Universe). By High School became the designated Growingly Exclusive and Eerie Kid (GEEK) and was drawn into involved in Art studies (drawing, painting, cartooning) and performed in stage musicals (documented to dance like Mick Jagger).
Studied broadcasting, advanced brewed hops-consumption and local rock-band groupie-ism at Lansing Community College before embarking on a 20+ year career in the Army with service in Infantry, Journalism (print) and Radio / Television broadcasting with tours in Panama, Germany, Korea, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq (II). Received several Keith L. Ware awards (broadcast awards) for Radio Spot Announcement productions (writing, directing, producing) and earned Bronze Star Medal for service in Iraq (2003-2004).
Completed Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and Master of Arts in Elementary Teacher Education (with California Teaching credential). Currently act as Mentor for other Master’s students enrolled in the same program. Self with background in artistic expression in all mediums to include journalism, creative writing, children's literature, graphic design, photography, videographer, audio production, music, voice-over artistry, radio / television announcing, acting, acting-up, stand-up comedy (while sitting down), church choir member, Sunday School leader and planning an additional degree work in Psychology and Educational studies. God is best.

[top]Fun Fact

  • Father refused to pay for Art College (rumored, no money in Art) and encouraged broadcasting to foster interest in media.
  • Three sets of twins in family (his younger two kid sisters = twins. One of these twins had twin girls in 1997. His two youngest boys are twins born in 1998).
  • Improvised comedy for 20 minutes in Balad, Iraq (set on Baghdad International Airport) in January 2004 to appease a crowd of a few hundred American service members collected in a dilapidated plane hangar on the base. This secret gathering was organized by the USO to welcome sports and media celebrities to include comic…Robin Williams. Their plane circled high above the hanger awaiting a break in enemy presence to land. After a lengthy delay, Robin hit the stage. Scott handed him a cold near beer. Obviously he was really outrageous, funny and nice guy.
  • Wrote, produced and voiced an award-winning spot called the Pinocchio Letters with legendary TV news anchor, Dan Rather, during his visit to the American Forces Network Iraq. Used his very first take of the script read. What a pro!

[top]Stories from the Set of We're Alive

Find the cast and crew professional but many allowable for playful goofing during recording sessions. Jim Gleason, Shane Salk and Blaire Byhower memorably animated at times. Nate Geez can cut it up too but absent for many moons during season two. Zaniness especially ensures as physical interactions required (lifting up another actor, pushing, pulling) for realism in voicing a scene. Director Kc is very good-natured, patient and able to throw a few comedic barbs from the control-room while still trying to maintain overall sense of control and…direction.


Many years experience working with Armed Forces Network Affiliate stations (American Forces Network) at locations around the globe, produced award-winning spot announcements (commercials), and several avant garde video shorts.

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Personal Website:
Under development (will feature the Very Punny comic series)

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