Saul's Knife

A knife owned by Saul. Primarily it is a weapon, but it is also used as a tool too.

  • Chapter 1 - Saul ensures a corpse won't come back with it. Michael tells Saul to leave it behind, but Saul doesn't. Michael then uses it to pry open the door to the elevator that Datu is trapped in.
  • Chapter 2 - Michael uses the reflection of the knife to see around the corner to see Bill without having to stick his head out.
  • Chapter 11 - Saul gives the knife to Michael, because he can use it one handed. When the one with markings tries to flee, Saul takes it back and attempts to chase it down unsuccessfully.
  • Chapter 30 - Saul uses his knife to wedge a door closed when he, Victor, Glenn & Pete seek refuge from Little Ones.
  • Chapter 32 - Saul uses his knife to kill biters when he and CJ are scouting outside the colony.

  • Practically silent

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