Satellite Phone

Satellite telephones are portable radios that use orbiting satellites to transmit their signals, giving them vastly greater range than conventional radios.
Satellite Phones

  • Chapter 19: "The Catalyst" Part 2 ~ 11:30: When Victor first takes Mchael to the Communication shack to try to "Phone Home" to the tower, Glenn points out his new Satalite Phone.
  • In Chapter 30, Part 1 the military recon team uses a Satellite Phone to contact their headquarters. Saul and Victor recover the bag with the phone from a dead soldier.
  • In Chapter 30, Part 3 we discover that the Satellite Phone is broken.
  • In Chapters 31-32 Saul,Victor and CJ attempt to infiltrate the Colony in order to recover a Satellite Phone from Glenn's workshop in order to get the parts to repair the recovered phone.
  • In Chapter 33, Part 2 Carl uses a Satellite Phone to contact Fort Irwin from the Chinook crash site.
  • In Chapter 33, Part 3 Fort Irwin attempts to contact Boulder using Satellite Phones.
  • In Chapter 34, Part 1 it is revealed that there are nuclear bombs at both Boulder and Fort Irwin that can be triggered remotely by calling them by Satellite Phone and entering a code.
  • In Chapter 34, Part 2 Fort Irwin uses the Satellite Phone link to detonate the nuclear bomb in Boulder.
  • At the very end of Chapter 34, Part 3 Michael, at Fort Irwin, receives a call from the Satellite Phone that was lost by the LA recon team.



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General Info:
  • Frequency Type: Multiple Microwave Bands
  • Average Range: Theoretically unlimited.
  • Mount: Portable versions look like a large cellphone with extended antenna.

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