Full NameSamantha
Portrayed byRebecca Roberts
First appearance10 - Purgatory
Final appearance10 - Purgatory
ResidenceThe Other Tower
Romantic PartnersDatu
Other RelationsImprisoned with Kalani



  • Background:
  • Was a resident of the Other Tower when it was attacked.
  • Mother to Hope, whom Samantha assumed died in the attack on the Other Tower.


  • Having been captured, she lost her faith after having to leave her daughter Hope behind during the downfall of the Other Tower.
  • Is a fatalist and believes it is inevitable she will die in the Arena.
  • Became hopeful after reading Datu's journal and learning about the Tower.

[top]Notable In The Series

  • Becomes the love interest of Datu while trapped in the arena.
  • Is killed in the middle of the arena while Datu watched
  • Mother to Hope, a resident of The Colony.
  • Wrote information about The Other Tower in Datu's notebook before she was killed


"They like to play, rather than eat right away" - Samantha in 10 - Purgatory
"Quit bugging me! Go to floor!" - Samantha to Datu in 10 - Purgatory
"I ran, not even thinking...I left my daughter behind. I didn't even think twice." - Samantha in 10 - Purgatory
"What's done, is done. What will be, will be." - Samantha in 10 - Purgatory - a noteworthy quote also said by Kelly in Chapter 13.

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